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  1. MOVED: Dog owners are dressing their pets up in fake service vests
  2. MOVED: Fake ESA's taken into businesses, airplanes, etc
  3. MOVED: Service dog fraud: Are people cheating the system with vests ordered online?
  4. MOVED: Pets Allowed Why are so many animals now in places where they shouldn’t be?
  5. MOVED: Confession: "Emotional Support" Dogs are B.S. - I Know Because I ...
  6. MOVED: Have emotional support animals gone too far?
  7. MOVED: Enough with the fake service dogs and 'emotional support' pigs
  8. MOVED: Service dog or shopping pal?
  9. MOVED: Service animals: Understand difference from pets
  10. MOVED: Column: Stop scam of emotional support dogs
  11. MOVED: EXCLUSIVE: Consumer advocates: Service dog mailer arriving in ... Hawaii News
  12. MOVED: You've Got Issues discussion goes to the dogs
  13. MOVED: Colorado company selling service animal accessories to able-bodied pet owners
  14. MOVED: Police ask woman with kangaroo to leave Wisconsin McDonald's
  15. MOVED: Vocal critics defeat Arizona anti-service dog bill
  16. MOVED: Dallas animal services found a service dog, looking for owner
  17. MOVED: More and more people claiming their dog is a service animal
  18. MOVED: Local Disabled Handlers Concerned About Fake Service Dogs
  19. MOVED: Service animals, yes; emtional support animals, no
  20. The Silent Epidemic Affecting More than 95000 Iowans
  21. 1 of 3 charges dropped in Williamsburg knife incident
  22. No pigs allowed. Haley VA hospital enforces service dog rules
  23. Lawsuit: Ford wouldn't let disabled vet use service dog
  24. Province cracks down on fake service dogs in new legislation
  25. Michigan May Purge Laws Making Cursing Illegal and Other Archaic
  26. Tecumseh family says man abused dog instead of training it
  27. Bar owner turns away woman's service dog: 'It's just a pet'
  28. Service-dog case goes to jury
  29. Woman trains pit bulls as service dogs
  30. UK/ Wonder dogs are a girl's best friend
  31. CAN/ Fake 'service dog' ID brought to heel by proposed BC law
  32. Bloodhounds to Be Used in San Fernando Valley Search for Missing .
  33. Fake service dog bill passes final committee
  34. Miami-Dade Returns Confiscated Pit Bull That's Also a Service Animal
  35. Fundraiser for vet, dog ends over questions about military service
  36. Service dog missing after Mid-City burglary
  37. PTSD service dog alerts family to Wednesday morning fire
  38. Girl's best friend can save her life… just by smelling her breath
  39. CAN/ Another Toronto business tells customer with guide dog
  40. Judge rules disabled veteran can keep his support dog
  41. Stockton pit bull owner: 'They are not vicious'
  42. Man's 'World Destroyed' After San Diego Cop Kills Burberry The Service Dog
  43. Child may have to leave school ater dog is banned aned
  44. Veteran’s best friend: Service dogs vie for acceptance
  45. Veteran: Dispute over service dog led to arrest
  46. 3 Legged Service Dogs
  47. VA says no to PTSD service dogs
  48. New rules to ensure access for guide dogs
  49. Motorist hits service dog, keeps driving
  50. A service dog is not a pet