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  1. Texas Woman Claims Restaurant Turned Her Away Because Of ..
  2. Local veteran's missing service dog found in Johnson City
  3. Why you can't touch my dog
  4. Legal fees for taxpayers mount in Sherrard service dog dispute
  6. Found Service Dog Returned to Owner
  7. Bond with service dog keeps N.C. State student on the move
  8. Ex-Marine sues Lakewood, citing harassment over his pit bull
  9. Service Dog Helps Toddler With Rare Lung Disease
  10. Coup de grass in France, as blind man says he, not dog, bit dope
  11. Search for missing service dog goes nationwide
  12. UK / Post Office staff order blind Craig Roberts to leave guide dog outside .
  13. Maine lawmakers spike call for tougher service dog standards
  14. Mother: Restaurant employee told son his service dog not allowed
  15. Service Dog Horror Story – Don’t let this happen to you
  16. Woman's guide dog attacked inside convenience store
  17. Guide dog helps Concord Township 12-year-old navigate middle .
  18. Judy Putnam: Dog offers freedom to college-bound teen
  19. Vancouver woman's service dog missing, gate forced open
  20. Maine Service Dog Gets Police Officer To Help Woman Who Fell In .
  21. SDA seeking help from diabetics
  22. Blind man refused entry to dance club awarded $2500
  23. Animals: 5 kinds of trained dogs
  24. CAN/ Party does respect the service dog
  25. VA restarting study on service dogs and PTSD
  26. Rancho Cucamonga woman needs funds to help her obtain new
  27. New service animal policy under review
  28. 'Comfort dogs' add ECC day care to the sites they have visited
  29. Nonprofit in Cheyenne trains, places and supports assistance dogs
  30. New evidence convinces owner pilot dog was taken
  31. CAN/Adami: Donations roll in after Ziggy's story touches hearts
  32. North Dakota city considers amending pit bull ban
  33. Maine Bill Aims to Set Guidelines on 'Service Animals'
  34. Kearney Service Center Officially Opens Its Doors to Tallahassee's
  35. LETTER: Pit bull program for veterans is appalling abuse of civil
  36. Stolen Service Dog Maximus Recovered
  37. Search is on for Service Dog Belonging to Victim of Alleged Davis
  38. Fake service dog bill passes in House, still needs to go to Senate
  39. Law firm warns municipalities of suit regarding ban on 'pit bulls'
  40. Why Is Uber New York Funneling Thousands Of Drivers To This
  41. Mystic collies
  42. Your Neighbor: Karen Knight takes pride in raising Freedom Guide
  43. The brash New York prosecutor who's indicting left and right
  44. Franklin Co. Commissioners receive grant for service-dog program
  45. Veteran's service dog has first, successful surgery
  46. Service dog 'etiquette' becoming key business practice
  47. Coyote mauls service dog in a Carlsbad park
  48. What qualifies as a service dog? MyReporter finds out
  49. Police: Handicapped Woman's Responsibility to Pick Up After
  50. MSU's IRONDOG Fund helps pay vet bills for dogs