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  1. Service dog allowed into Brandon school after two-month delay
  2. Tiny dog is a service dog for Franklin woman
  3. Family's hope for service dog delayed
  4. NEW ADA amendments become effective March 15, 2011
  5. Pink poodle, owner get apology from Denny's
  6. Dodgy taxi drivers cop blast
  7. Deaf Woman's Service Dog Attacked by Pit Bulls in L.A.
  8. Justice works for the blind
  9. Man beats woman's service dog, steals purse
  10. Web reviews had plenty of bite
  11. Missing Service Dog Found Safe By 10-Year-Old Boy
  12. Failed guide dog finds her new calling sniffing out criminals
  13. Access to Health Care for Women with Disabilities
  14. Ceasar again
  15. Mom fighting for her son's service dog to be allowed at school‎
  16. Denver Colorado, Council delays vote on pit-bull exemption
  17. SPCA Specialí travels on behalf of dogs in shelter
  18. LAWSUIT: Dogs on a plane?
  19. Rescue Mission Turns Away Homeless Pet Owner
  20. Panicking seizure alert dog? "Service Dog gets Frosty Reception "
  21. Montgomery County judge gives hotel clerk diversion in dog dispute
  22. Service dog shot with arrow will recover‎
  23. Service animals: Stores can ask 'what job does your dog do?'
  24. MOVED: Service Dogs in Victoria, Australia
  25. Blind Israeli's marathon run going to the (seeing-eye) dogs
  26. World's largest guide dog
  27. Parents sue Georgetown district over river mishap
  28. Woman, Service Dog Get Hard Time From Businesses
  29. Business workshop: Record ADA claims should wake up employers
  30. So long Sadie: As she sniffs out retirement, DAVID BLUNKETT pays tribute to his
  31. Blind Law School Grad Gets Say in Bar Exam Accommodations
  32. Feds Could Block Pit Bull Ban
  33. Owner fights muzzle order on mastiff therapy dog
  34. Disabled people vote, too
  35. Wheelchair users get assist at Southwest Florida International Airport
  36. Calif. Bar Backs Down Against Quadriplegic Student
  37. Blind but not without vision
  38. Perth Amboy woman credits service dog with protecting her from dog attack
  39. Pre-employment training program set to debut in Vancouver
  40. Service dogs not just pets-- they're heroes.
  41. Increasing the Presence of Lawyers With Disabilities
  43. Guide dog nearly dies, dragged on SkyTrain platform
  44. Service dog, man work together to ease disability/VIDEO
  45. Norm's Story - From Rescue to Service
  46. Military Surplus Store Sued For Firing Worker Over Seizures
  47. canine/human social intelligence
  48. Dogs can be pessimists too - study
  49. Service Animal Discrimination
  50. New city centre electric buggies launch