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  1. NZ /New Organisations Authorised To Certify Disability Assist Dogs
  2. Sugababe Jade Ewen says 'I owe it all to my blind parents,' reveals
  3. Fort Belvoir Elementary Vetoes Service Dog For Andrew Stevens, 12-Year-Old ..
  4. Judge: Monkey to stay in Tipton home until custody trial
  5. Jingle Bones (Puppy Socializing)
  6. Missing St. Paul guide dog found by neighbor, reunited with owner
  7. Paw treatment for pensioner
  8. Service Dog not allowed in school
  9. About 1,200 dogs euthanized after disease outbreak
  10. Dastardly Landlord Evicts Five Pound Service Dog On Christmas Day
  11. Holiday home tour to raise money for ill Lynden boy who needs service dog
  12. Man's best friend is a true guide
  13. Great Danes may offer great hope
  14. News to use
  15. Young Lawyers Club helps with service dog effort
  16. Food bank boosts uncertain income for disabled woman
  17. Service dog trainees
  18. City bullying the disabled?
  19. Patient care requirements significantly transformed for 2011
  20. Disability Rules Revised for Horses and Dogs in the Classroom
  21. A Muslim, Her Guide Horse, and Reciprocity
  22. Blind student saves for three years to buy a guide HORSE because her strict Musl
  23. Woman claims dog contracted distemper from animal shelter
  24. Service Dog Helps Disabled Child
  25. Disabled Veteran and His Dog Targeted by City Officials again
  26. Blind woman calls for caution‎
  27. Disabled man loses his therapy dog
  28. Fido Can Change the Lives of Children With Autism, Says Carleton Grad Student
  29. NZ / Trailblazing hearing dog dies
  30. Ontario ,CAN / Bad Pet Ownership To Blame For Pit Bull Ban
  31. Severe Winter Weather Preparedness Tips
  32. St. Paul man seeks missing guide dog
  33. Goldendoodle puppy helps Milford teacher with health needs
  34. Riding toward healing and peace
  35. Dog at work: Guide canines provide companionship, mobility to visually impaired
  36. Woman's best friend sticks with her through medical test
  37. Clinton teen with muscular dystrophy to get service dog
  38. Mom Fights School District for Autistic Son's Service Dog Rights
  39. Battling brain injuries‎
  40. Canine Companions for Independence Looks to Eliminate Wait List for Children ..
  41. Cynical over pit bull loophole? Yup.‎
  42. Condos have to allow pets when doctors prescribe them
  43. Black Creek Township is planning to adopt new ordinance.
  44. Blind man robbed of 4000 Christmas money at Coventry bus stop
  45. Ontario CAN / Assistance dogs help with the gift of mobility
  46. Pit-bull service-dog exemption rejected by Denver City Council
  47. CAN province Saskatchewan / Animal-neglect law passed
  48. Ireland budget cuts bite: 'I won't be able to pay for my guide dog'
  49. NZ / Jail for threatening blind neighbour
  50. Treatment of Autistic Patient CAUTION