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  1. Blind man's anger after cafe refuses to let in guide dog
  2. Fake IDs get dogs into restaurants
  3. Service dog-in-training denied access to N.C. State bus
  4. If you have to go outside in cold weather, take these precautions
  5. College Bound Canines
  6. Mall cop tries to eject boy's service dog
  7. Service animal reps request clarification on dog limits
  8. When Autistic Son Denied Service Dog, Mom Bites Back
  9. Dogs help special needs kids thrive
  10. YDR Opinion: Compromise on service dog
  11. Logan's New Life, Part 2: Service dog continues Iditarod ideals
  12. SCHLICHENMEYER:'Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving' offers a real treat for animal ...
  13. Kitty, the dog that keeps on pulling
  14. Dog offers unconditional love to Kidron residents
  15. study examining the way dogs think. ...
  16. Canada CFIA Warns Surrey Meat Packers' Beef Pet Food May Contain E. Coli
  17. Challenges of pet nutrition the focus of international symposium
  18. Raw food diets for pets chock-full of controversy, complexity
  19. Allison Kessler, Disabled Condo Owner Sues over Dog's Access
  20. Service dogs placed with wounded warriors
  21. Health department warning means no more dogs inside Tougo Coffee
  22. Mother seeks donations for a service dog for her 8-year-old son
  23. guide dog gets lots of attention from bowlers
  24. Family, Southern district disagree on autism service dog in school
  25. Service dog donated to Houston boy with muscular dystrophy
  26. Do dogs sniff out seizures? MSNBC
  27. Bundy the SD illegally riding motorbike
  28. Blind woman uses miniature horse instead of a guide dog
  29. Justice Department Slow To Act On Service Dog Issue‎
  30. Service Dog Hit By Car, Killed
  31. Bone to pick: Parent upset autistic child can't use service dog in Collier schoo
  32. Study shows young, unsupervised children most at risk for dog bites
  33. Arab newspaper report -Guide pony helps blind Muslim woman go to US college
  34. When service pets become a disservice
  35. Hilton Hotels Will Be made Accessible
  36. Restaurants are going to the dogs
  37. Service Dog denied at York County Elementary School
  38. How does it feel to invent something you later regret?
  39. Trial set in helping hands monkey custody dispute
  40. Colorado company accused of selling untrained service dogs
  41. Organization trains pets to aid those with disabilities
  42. School Bus Service Animal Case Still Undecided
  43. Pets or Service Animals?
  44. Missy the Chihuahua is a dog with a mission
  45. Parents battle school over dog for autistic daughter
  46. Guide Dogs Seek Wider Acceptance
  47. AU / Police appeal for help to find missing dog in Carseldine
  48. Vets with PTSD train dogs to help comrades
  49. Pet Talk: Finding homes for pit bulls grows more and more challenging
  50. Canine's Improve the Lives of Diabetics