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  1. The Most Important Reason to Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift
  2. Bring home Cody: Family searches for missing service dog
  3. READER CALLOUT: Wishes for the New Year
  4. Blind attorney captures images on her tongue
  5. Right attitude can take you far
  6. Care of the dog is vital when you're in a wheelchair
  7. Sefton is a boy's best friend
  8. Cities adopting melodies at crosswalks for visually impaired
  9. Airlines debate whether cats should be allowed in cabins
  10. Disabled Students Declare Independence, by Design
  11. Meeker humbled by Order
  12. Seeing things
  13. Willing helper and a friend for ever
  14. Ogden man pays it forward with a full heart
  15. UK / Carlisle cabbies to be tested on disability awareness
  16. Big reward offered for missing dogs
  17. Army denies Fort Worth man was injured in Iraq
  18. A best friend and a carer
  19. Disabled troops, vets misled on service dogs
  20. A memorable year
  21. Relationship between this man and his dog is perhaps a little bit more special
  22. Fundraiser for Alex
  23. A BLIND Plymouth woman was left stranded after being let down by a city taxi ...
  24. former service dog? to be euthanized in pound on Wednesday
  25. UK /Story of true glove: Mr Quinn the guide dog is put back on his feet
  26. Trained Monkeys Proving Trusty Companions for Those in Need
  27. Local dog "Storm" wears many hats; helps educate public about the Americans ...
  28. Blind Oregon student wins ride in Roses Parade
  29. UK / Blind man struck by car in Frodsham is critical
  30. CAN / A veteran's best friend
  31. Community raises money for injured service dog's surgery
  32. Orlando disabled man reunited with missing service dog
  33. Manatee man helps lost guide dog find way home to blind owner
  34. Changes Coming to DSM V
  35. Guide Dog Heals Woman After Bike Accident and Renews Faith
  36. Bye bye service monkeys in Illinois.
  37. Oxford aldermen approve new leash ordinance
  38. other side of the story ..Disabled vet fighting FW Tex citations pit bull
  39. UK / Link between autistic youngsters and dogs to be explored
  40. NZ /New Organisations Authorised To Certify Disability Assist Dogs
  41. Sugababe Jade Ewen says 'I owe it all to my blind parents,' reveals
  42. Fort Belvoir Elementary Vetoes Service Dog For Andrew Stevens, 12-Year-Old ..
  43. Judge: Monkey to stay in Tipton home until custody trial
  44. Jingle Bones (Puppy Socializing)
  45. Missing St. Paul guide dog found by neighbor, reunited with owner
  46. Paw treatment for pensioner
  47. Service Dog not allowed in school
  48. About 1,200 dogs euthanized after disease outbreak
  49. Dastardly Landlord Evicts Five Pound Service Dog On Christmas Day
  50. Holiday home tour to raise money for ill Lynden boy who needs service dog