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  1. Loyalty
  2. Commentary: Help train assistance dogs with time spent at your workplace
  5. Man's only best friend? - In most cases dogs will be the only protected .
  6. Injured service dog has osteoarthritis, not torn ACL
  7. Injured airmen gifted guide dog
  8. Fines waived in DuPage barking guide dog case
  9. Mental Illness Care Access Needs to be Priority
  10. More Money for Winter Heating Costs
  11. Can a parakeet break the no-pets rule as a companion animal?
  12. EDITORIAL: Misplaced justice for pit bulls
  13. Worthy Causes
  14. DOJ rules on service dogs won't alter Aurora pit bull ban
  15. Aurora decided not to back away from their stance on banning pit bulls
  16. Cruel Training Methods
  17. Reunited: Service Dog Lost and Found on Southside
  18. Blind man reunited with guide dog
  19. City Council looks to protect service animals
  20. A BLIND man claims he was told to leave his guide dog outside an award-winning .
  21. Therapy Dogs Differentiated from Service Dogs
  22. With some prodding, CDTA makes an exception
  23. MOVED: Once-Banned Service Dog in Heat, Not in School
  24. Sickness Hits Local Dog Kenne
  25. Gluten detection dog
  26. COTA sued again over compliance with disabilities act
  27. Aurora poised to back off, a bit, from its 'bully' breed ban
  28. Woman can't afford service dog's surgery
  29. Rescued pair love Fraser Coast
  30. Throwing veterans a bone be wary of service dog scam
  31. Pit bull on death row finds safe haven in Calgary
  32. service monkeys not banned in Illinois
  33. Extending Service to Service Animals On Board the Bus
  34. Housing authority is facing civil-rights charge
  35. Blind Man Gets His Guide Dog Back
  36. dog will help girl battling seizures
  37. No paws in good will
  38. Family Seeks Return of Therapy Dog
  39. Specially trained dogs changing the lives of autistic children
  40. Blind man's guide dog causing row at Bloomingdale condo building
  41. Guide dog washes clothes, fetches the post and goes food shopping
  42. There's more to the Lions Blind Center than meets the eye
  43. Fido's No Doctor. Neither Is Whiskers.
  44. Service dog helps cerebral palsy patient live independently
  45. Victory! 12-Year-Old With Epilepsy Can Bring Service Dog To School
  46. Guide Dogs charity launches foundation degree
  47. Blind Columbus man's guide dog lost
  48. King: 'I got my miracle'
  49. To Have or Not To Have a Pet for Better Health?
  50. The Most Important Reason to Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift