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  1. Rules clarify 'service animal' definition but lack legal impact
  2. What about the need to verify a disability?
  3. UK/ Blind woman left lying on the ground after her guide dog was attacked ..
  4. Man’s disability translates into inspiration
  5. “Dog, Inc.” — Uncanning an excerpt
  6. Sit 'n Stay Global Releases Pet Safety Protocols for Service Animals and Cabin .
  7. Blind Man Comes To The Rescue Of His Service Dog
  8. Plenty of bark as Aurora pit bull debate continues
  9. Parakeet could be disabled person's companion animal
  10. Bystanders save Eugene woman & service dog from dog pack attack
  11. Hartz Recalls 75000 Bags Of Dog Treats
  12. Dangerous intersection
  13. Dog Saves Owner From Burglar
  14. Blind Man Loses Seeing-Eye Dog
  15. Do Dogs really need winter coats?
  16. Stiffer fines for attacks on service animals, under New Jersey measure ...
  17. Owner left 'lost' after hearing dog is killed
  18. Local Teen Receives Service Dog Free of Charge
  19. Schools weigh whether to have animals in class
  20. Petpositive, a 'tail' of hope and love
  21. On the Positive Side: Like humans, animals that experience trauma can be helped
  22. Pit bull fans gather in Denver to lobby against ban
  23. Wheelchair-Bound Man Brushed Off by 911 Operator
  24. At Rose City Classic, 16000 expected to watch some of the nation's top dogs
  25. Good employers treat all with respect
  26. Service dog dispute highlights common housing association issues
  27. Service dogs in Mexico; Kona, Hawaii, things to do
  28. Restaurant charged for refusing service to blind woman
  29. Protesters rally against Denver's pit bull ban
  30. Man found dead in Columbia park identified
  31. Many kinds of Assistance Dogs provide valuable support
  32. Update: School prepares for service dog
  33. Pit bull proponents take a bite out of City Hall today over service-dog ban ...
  34. What Hotels in Cuba Accept Service Dogs?
  35. Visually impaired dogged by lack of consideration
  36. Disabled man fined for refusing to keep his dog on a lead in Middlesbrough
  37. Lottery to be held for Boulder's affordable housing vouchers
  38. Coroner asks for help in finding homeless man's family
  39. Dog gets to stay by best friend's side
  40. Des Lacs meeting heated
  41. Couple faces eviction from co-op over singing 'therapy' dog
  42. Dogs Guided Remotely by Stealth System
  43. Guide Dogs thief jailed over £40K scam
  44. No more 'service snakes' on TriMet. But what about guide horses? Saddle up ...
  45. TriMet's New Service-Animal Rule Could Allow Miniature Horses
  46. New Mental Health Care Facility
  47. Toys for big boys draw a crowd
  48. Service dogs for wounded vets, “better than best friend”
  49. Special Education News - November 2010
  50. Against the odds: Georgia man doesn't let disability hold him back