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  1. ADA: Feds withdraw “service animal” backing for ferrets, snakes
  2. Animal house
  3. GA / Proposed bill could tax medical expenses for pets‎
  4. Public, workers reminded: No pets in courthouse
  5. Untrained dogs aren't in 'service'
  6. A working partnership at DES- Third Grader with Service dog
  7. Can a Howard woman keep a bunch of monkeys in her house?
  8. If Dogs Had Never Existed, How Would the World Look Today?
  9. Christchurch earthquake: Latest information - Friday
  10. Seeing-eye dog " Treasure" returned to blind woman
  11. Guide dog aids blind owner AND former leading labrador after he loses sight
  12. Bullets, Snakes, and other Security Red Herrings As Wisconsin Republicans Scramb
  13. The life of a working dog isn't all work. Dogs get to be goofballs too.
  14. 4 Paws provides canine miracles
  15. Autism dog is lifeline for little Grace Brown-Griffin
  16. Birmingham woman's seeing eye dog stolen
  17. Pitbull Owners At Odds with Joice Community
  18. New Service Animal Rules to Recognize Dogs Only
  19. Vancouver artist, formerly homeless, to hold gallery benefitting winter ...
  20. Seeing eye dog returns home
  21. Man with service snake lobbies against WA bill
  22. Top Five Ridiculous Service Animals that Would Be Restricted Under Washington Bi
  23. K-State Dog show exhibits talents of specially trained canines
  24. Alamosa city council split over farm animals
  25. K-State for All! Educates Public on Assistant Dogs
  26. Missouri Bill seeks service-animal rights for those with mental disabilities
  27. Socializing with God's creatures
  28. Helping America's Heroes, America's VetDogs Expands Its Family of Licensed ...
  29. Animals provide vital service, education
  30. Preliminary study results on Dogs for the Disabled's PAWS research
  31. satire/ Customs officers smash trade in counterfeit guide dogs
  32. Answer Man: Cats can be service animals — if they choose
  33. Gone To The Dogs: Rules on Service Animals to Become Much Stricter
  34. AU / Individual disability support avaliable for Melbourne families
  35. claims a WSP trooper shot his seeing eye dog
  36. Groomer charged with animal cruelty in death of dog
  37. District OKs Trial Run For Autistic Boy's Dog
  38. CONN. / SEN. WITKOS: Legislative acts and proposals affecting ‘Fido’
  39. Brave Kiwi saves master
  40. Contra Costa Health Department responds to the dog in McDonald's story
  41. Cab firm blind to impending guide dog law suit
  42. McDognald's in Concord has a K9 problem
  43. UK / Benefits worry for disabled
  44. UK / Pathetic dog walkers scourges of the town
  45. Just Ask for the Blue, Soft Collar
  46. Definition tightens for service animals
  47. So can a dog really die of a broken heart?
  48. RSPCA warning after dogs die eating camel meat
  49. Clear rules will help homeowners board in claims of discrimination
  50. Tales about fake service animal papers turns into WSJ story