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  1. Tales about fake service animal papers turns into WSJ story
  2. Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you?
  3. Millions of dogs and cats suffering as owners fail to care for pets properly ...
  4. Council approves service animals ordinance
  5. Conn. judge allows hearing-impaired woman to take service dog for prison stint .
  6. Gone to the dogs: rules on service animals to become much stricter
  7. Local business asks service dog to leave
  8. City woman cleared to bring dog to jail
  9. Check your faux paws at the door
  10. Article 2 years old and still it pisses me off!
  11. Miss Independent
  12. Service Monkeys taken from autistic woman in New Orleans
  13. DeLand group teaches dogs to help disabled
  14. Bahamas Humane Society responds to Jerome Thompson letter
  15. UK / Court: Guide dog fine hit for Peterborough cab firm
  16. UK / School refuses to allow service dog on its grounds
  17. Canadian Charitable Organizations- animal rescue
  18. Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas. And Plague
  19. UK/ Blind woman with guide dog sues taxi firm after being made to pay extra
  20. Service dogs give their best as companions, helpers
  21. Very expensive service cat missing in Longview
  22. KCTV5 Investigation: Service Dogs Helping Veterans
  23. Vital Signs: Disability rights activists stage protest inside ..
  24. Can an Iguana Be a Service Animal?‎
  25. Value in On-Line Support Groups
  26. Blind bowling league a big hit
  27. With Tara Flanagan, Director of SPARC
  28. K-State to host Assistance Dog Exhibition
  29. service dog will not be returned‎
  30. Blind man threatens action after Subway refuse him service
  31. Remarkable: Max has not had any formal training but can predict when Andree ...
  32. Cats Adore, Manipulate Women‎
  33. Leapin' Lizards! Service Animals Are Multiplying Like Doggone Rabbits
  34. Anger after horse mess left on pavement
  35. FDA Panel Recommends Testing of ECT Machines
  36. Violence against BART agents escalating
  37. Overeating: If You Can't Help Yourself, At Least Help Your Pet
  38. WA bill would narrow definition of service animals
  39. Service animals no longer include lizards or birds, thanks to ADA
  40. Mars' DogBlog - For Shame
  41. Bogus Service Animals Prompt New ADA Rules
  42. North Olmsted proposals aim to protect police, service dogs
  43. Medicare Bill To Change Mental Health Coverage
  44. Shocked guide dog breeding potential puppy in horror dog attack
  45. How is a service dog different than a pet?
  46. AU / Working dogs being mishandled
  47. webcast on new ADA regs & service animals
  48. Call for better training to handle working dogs
  49. Unleashed: In Nat-Geo's 'Blue-Collar Dogs,' astonishing feats are just part of .
  50. Service dog known to 'tattle' on girl