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  1. UConn mascot says NCAA is going to the dogs
  2. Biased landlords reject deaf, test finds
  3. Some pet owners try to skirt rules with fake service dogs
  4. Physical and Social Pain Share Same Neural Circuitry
  5. Medicaid Cuts: Have Medicaid Card = No Dr.'s
  6. Fresh thinking helps blind Muslims tackle dog taboo
  7. Dogs steal £33m from owners every year: Four-legged thieves
  8. Budget cuts endanger mental health system
  9. Cut Medicaid Mental Health & Increase Crimes & Recidivism
  10. Behavioral Health Care System Improvements?
  11. Shift Medicaid Spending & Expense and Unravel Health Reform Law
  12. Defining essential benefits: How much is too much?
  13. New Updated NAMI Schizophrenia Info
  14. Do you know about 2008 fed mental health parity law?
  15. Broward to sue for Deerfield widow's right to live in Century Village condo ...
  16. Disabled Wis. woman cited for walking dog in car
  17. Service Dog Stolen from Ohio Man's Home
  18. Little Oversight on Ingredients in 'Senior' Dog Food, Experts Say
  19. Stranded on side of road
  20. graduates will help a guide graduate too
  21. Landlord sanctioned for banning emotional support dog
  22. Anger over the governor's job, supermarket and restaurant behavior: Monday Moani
  23. Romania, no country for the disabled
  24. Ruling says landlords must let AIDS patient keep his dog
  25. Woman’s lawsuit over use of service dog set for trial
  26. Unconventional service animals do provide aid, owners say
  27. Blind Woman Recounts Mastiff Attack On Guide Dog
  28. Good dog, hard choice: Downturn puts pressure on Placer County pet owners
  29. Laid off deputy and K9 partner a windfall for another county
  30. Schroeder-Munoz bill establishes new penalties committed against service animals
  31. An Aussie news story for once!
  32. service dog for autism
  33. is it just plain slow for news?
  34. Martinez woman serves as leader in Bay Area blind community
  35. UK airports accused of poorly treating disabled passengers
  36. Guide Dogs: The hardest hit - defending disabled people's futures
  37. We can't work it out
  38. Therapeutic dog sparks condo lawsuit
  39. Ukiah California/ Police and fire log: Friday, March 25, 2011‎
  40. Takign the lead with a new guide dog
  41. parents want girl with allergy home schooled----
  42. Service Dog Returned to Grateful Owner
  43. Guide dog offers owner 'normal life'
  44. EEOC Announces Final Bipartisan Regulations for the ADA Amendments Act
  45. ADI workshop
  46. One 'cool' companion‎
  47. Some dogs can enter eateries‎
  48. Service dogs provide comfort for veterans back from war
  49. Should Dog Owners Pay Up?
  50. UK / Mayor's review of Tube guide dog ban welcomed