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  1. No ESAAQ monkeys in pennsylvania..
  2. Leukemia patient wants therapy monkey back
  3. AU / Canine detectives head to Macquarie Island
  4. UK / Blind man told to leave Tudor Rose cafe because of dog
  5. Uk/ disabled handler and hearing dog fight off burglar
  6. From Our Files
  7. SC Navy dog trainers get federal certification
  8. Woman in Floyd searches for service dog
  9. UK/ Borehamwood Cafe denies refusing to serve blind political journalist Sean ..
  10. Dogs downtown: Debate coming up as merchants board urges city to OK...
  11. MOVED: FL: House passes fighting dogs protection bill
  12. Service Dog Attacked by Humane Society Pitbull, Owner Waits for Vet Bill Help ..
  13. Taxi drivers refused ride to blind man and his dog: police
  14. Dogs View World Differently Than Most Humans Think, Best-Selling Author Says
  15. Dogs are likely born with canine telepathy
  16. Eater Interviews
  17. Disabled veteran has tough questions for restaurant owner
  18. Blech!
  19. The Spirit Of Teamwork Brings Endless Opportunities for the Visually Impaired
  20. A Soldiers New Best Friend
  21. AU / Sixty Minutes
  22. Service Dog Forced To Ride In Taxi Trunk
  23. Kathryn "Katy" Menges, 27, who battled cerebral palsy, dies
  24. Service dog attacked on walk with owner
  25. Allergen-detecting dog returning to North Haven girl
  26. Woman Fights To Get Monkeys Back
  27. “PITSburgh's” got the Pits! Pit-bull terriers, that is!
  28. Boulder County commissioners OK revisions to open space rules and regs
  29. East Tennessee man sues sheriff, claims deputies mistake cerebral palsy for drun
  30. Patron files complaint that Showboat turned her service dogs away
  31. No Access for Guide Dogs in China, More Challenges for the Blind
  32. AU / Guide Dogs NSW/ACT "Think before you park" campaign
  33. Adopted dogs help women live her life and battle depression
  34. Guide dog leads disabled woman to security, peace
  35. That Service Animal You Like to Bring Everywhere For Emotional Support? You ...
  36. Service rat?
  37. Alabama Passes Bill to Allow Autism Therapy Dogs in Schools
  38. Woman injured, dog killed in Novato car crash
  39. Letter: We will be judged by how we treat the least among us
  40. Iowa attorney general files lawsuit against Arizona fundraiser for making ...
  41. Service dog credited with saving Parker County woman's life
  42. Service dog sworn in as member of the military
  43. Service dog owner denied service at local restaurant
  44. Courtroom canine turns heads
  45. Service Dog Not Allowed In? That Could Be Worth A Cool $20K
  46. UK Ambulance crew banned my guide dog
  47. Restaurant owner arrested in service dog case; advocates say some still ...
  48. Young St. Charles resident looks to raise money for dog to help with seizures
  49. 999 crew ban cancer patient's guide dog for health and safety
  50. Prose & Comments: If Biscuit could write