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  1. Disabled Woman Fights To Keep 'Service Cat' By Her Side
  2. Service animals are legal tools for disabled, not pets
  3. Animal Life Support Project
  4. Local special-needs family under pressure to find new home, but choices are scar
  5. Is the Glass Half Full? Or Half Empty?
  6. Minnesota couple rethinks vests for service dogs
  7. Advocates push changes in VA service dog policy
  8. Disabled Fort Worth officer fights for equal access
  9. Female Dogs Aren't Easily Fooled
  10. May is Mental Health Month
  11. Troubleshooter: Feds redefine service animals
  12. Idaho / Dog Stolen From Special Needs Boy
  13. UK / Poole restaurant turns away blind man
  15. Pit bulls: Denver's decision to allow their use as service dogs won't stop ...
  16. UK / Blind woman calls for change in dog laws
  17. Have dog, will travel
  18. Is the city twisting the truth?
  19. 'Service' dog bites girl: What you didn't hear about the Molly and Ava story
  20. Pit bulls as service animals: Denver quietly changes its policy
  21. Pit Bull Spotted On Metro Bus Raises Questions
  22. Service dog spared life, but banished
  23. Great Article About BiPolar Management
  24. Mentally Ill Inmates Expected to Rise
  25. Owner of missing service dog is pleading for her return
  26. Poodle snatched from scooter, shaken to death
  27. Aurora proposes to allow pit bulls as service dogs
  28. service dog for child with brain cancer bites another child
  29. Service dog trick's a fraud
  30. NH man seeks service dog after cruelty convictions
  31. Article in USA Today on 'Fake' Service Dogs
  32. Pets, People and Autism
  33. Home Depot considers banning dogs from stores after employee attacked
  34. Cuba Education Tour's New Website: A Diary of an American Service Dog in Cuba
  35. Service dog fraud is becoming a bigger problem
  36. Missouri House approves disability laws package
  37. Vet's views: How can you tell a real 'service dog'?
  38. Aurora plans to add an amendment requiring owners to prove their disability
  39. Once a stray, rescue dog leads the way
  40. Changes in Medicare & Medicaid for PWD's
  41. Don't claim it's a service or therpay dog if it isn't
  42. Guide Dog Allegedly Jumps on Table
  43. Fake service animals? How low can you go?
  44. A Horse is a Horse Unless It's a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA
  45. Metrobus Halted When Woman Tried To Board With Service Pit Bull
  46. Seeing Eye is First With High-Tech Retina Scans for Dogs
  47. Anger after bank's dog-fight eviction
  48. Service dog needs some help of its own
  49. Age no excuse, says buyer, 91
  50. Century Village condo attorney wants to settle emotional service dog case