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  1. Assistance Dog Sent out of Store
  2. Man fighting to have service parrot recognized
  3. Bionic glasses aim to replace guide dogs for the visually impaired
  4. AU / Seeing Eye Dog achieves new high... or low!
  5. Aussie guide dog attacked in NZ
  6. Service dogs and the ADA
  7. Ford wants you to choose the new electric vehicle sound. Listen and vote on ...
  8. 13 WTHRRestaurant acknowledges 'mistake' in ejecting guide dog
  9. Women and puppy attacked by screeching gulls
  10. Blind Dave Heeley wins taxi dog ban equality case
  11. Fort Collins man forced off airline hopes his case ensures future respect for di
  12. Woman settles lawsuit over support canine
  13. Drunk Puppy Buying Banned By West Village Pet Stores
  14. AU / Luigi is a real life saver
  15. AU / Lack of audio signals cause concerns
  16. AU / Miss Belle sure nose her reds
  17. Ms. Wheelchair RI promotes plan to help disabled during disasters
  18. Dog May Help Ohio Soldier Cope with Post Traumatic Stress
  19. Dogs and Multiple Sclerosis
  20. Hill Woman Searches For Missing Service Dog
  21. Monkey's escape costs woman
  22. Service Yak? Now I have heard everything...
  23. Blind Item: This One Goes to the Dogs
  24. Seņor Dreamy puts accent on boyish charm
  25. Bionic legs give pooch a better life
  26. 106 service tasks
  27. Young guide dog savaged by terrier
  28. Vegetarian meat substitute being developed.....
  29. Blind man to sue Hurst Street pub over 10ft cellar fall
  30. Racked by PTSD, a veteran finds calm in a pound pup named Cheyenne
  31. Almost service dog
  32. Woman blames caregiver
  33. UK / Commons dog ban breaches my human rights, says MP
  34. Woman injured, dog killed in Highway 20 wreck‎
  35. Judge: Allow boy to take service dog to school
  36. No ESAAQ monkeys in pennsylvania..
  37. Leukemia patient wants therapy monkey back
  38. AU / Canine detectives head to Macquarie Island
  39. UK / Blind man told to leave Tudor Rose cafe because of dog
  40. Uk/ disabled handler and hearing dog fight off burglar
  41. From Our Files
  42. SC Navy dog trainers get federal certification
  43. Woman in Floyd searches for service dog
  44. UK/ Borehamwood Cafe denies refusing to serve blind political journalist Sean ..
  45. Dogs downtown: Debate coming up as merchants board urges city to OK...
  46. MOVED: FL: House passes fighting dogs protection bill
  47. Service Dog Attacked by Humane Society Pitbull, Owner Waits for Vet Bill Help ..
  48. Taxi drivers refused ride to blind man and his dog: police
  49. Dogs View World Differently Than Most Humans Think, Best-Selling Author Says
  50. Dogs are likely born with canine telepathy