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  1. You Ask: Why isn't my service dog being allowed in my apartment?
  2. McDonald's Manager Accused Of Punching Customer - News Story - WSB Atlanta
  3. Disabled woman files lawsuit alleging SL apartment wouldn't allow service dog
  4. Oklahoma dog assistance program for autism
  5. Seeing Eye says survey highlights need for law to protect handlers, guide dogs
  6. JAN- compliance service dogs in the workplace
  7. Councillor pledges help to clear plant obstacles
  8. Service dog returned after foster owner's arrest
  9. Pit bull saves owner
  10. It's a Match- Perfect Fit Canines
  11. Therapists Give Cops A New Tool
  12. Woman Charged After Being Accused Of Stealing Service Dog
  13. Self Esteem Levels Vary by Age & Race
  14. Africa/ " service" Dog mauls girl, 4, in mall
  15. Veteran with service dog denied entrance to gentleman's club
  16. Disabled stuck in the middle
  17. A seeing-eye ferret? Now 'service animal' defined more narrowly
  18. Judge OKs Class Action Lawsuit Against Disney Parks on Behalf of Legally Blind
  19. Flower baskets a slap in the face: local women
  20. Expanding use of Service Dogs
  21. UK / MP in four-letter blast at blind man: 'Out of my way'
  22. A closer look at Rep. Michael Grimm's propsals in Congress
  23. 5 area shelter dogs picked to train for service to blind
  24. China/ Guiding Eyes
  25. Service Dogs are Beyond Fetching
  26. Seeing Eye Dog Goes Missing During Storm
  27. Disabled People With Service Dogs Turned Away From Dedham Restaurant
  28. 2 convicted of cruelty to monkeys on Bourbon Street
  29. Monkey bites girl at campground
  30. Landlord Doesn't Want Service Dog In-Training Living In Rental
  31. Man sentenced to probation, restitution for dog attack in Rochester
  32. Miniature-Seeing-Eye-Horses 7/13/11
  33. Blind man 'barred' after falling into pub cellar, injuring his labradoodle
  34. Dogs cannot go into Manx pubs, says Minister
  35. Blind woman's 'best friend' in random stray pack incident
  36. AU: Access assessor hard to access
  37. York woman attempts to reward service dog with day off
  38. Drug store asks girl with service dog to leave
  39. Service animals have impact
  40. Service dog lost; owner seeks help
  41. NAGDU re-launches SD advocay hotline- new phone #
  42. Neighbors North Today: Community helps Cicero girl get service dog
  43. SocSec in August?
  44. Politically Correct Names?
  45. Family pet gets trained to become service dog
  46. Military working dogs are heroes to owners
  47. America's VetDogs Help Military Personnel
  48. Psychiatric service dogs aid local veterans (video)
  49. AU: fast food restaurant forced to apologise
  50. Delta Society's Ban on Raw Food SDs