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  1. EEOC Showing Late Summer Spike in Discrimination Suits
  2. UK / County B&Bs 'flouting guide dog rules'
  3. Service dog attacked; Owner needs help with needed surgery
  4. MOVED: Can a dog be both a service dog and a therapy dog?
  5. Police seeking home for seeing-eye dog
  6. Alaska woman says she punched bear to save her dog
  7. AU / 'My restaurant rules' in Berwick
  8. Traer Couple Hit with HUD Lawsuit Over Service Dog
  9. The Q&A - What is district court judge DOUG GOELZ guilty pleasure ?
  10. Trial in Store for Broker's Disability Gripes
  11. Brain-injured woman seeks lost service dog
  12. Transit officer shoots and kills Pit Bull
  13. (AU) New Dangerous Dog Laws for Vic
  14. Trial Will Sort Gripes of Homebuyer's Disability
  15. Who owns America?
  16. Study: Hypoallergenic pets may be only a myth
  17. Lives worth Living- PBS program on history of America's Disability Rights
  18. Study finds bacteria from dog feces in winter sky above Detroit
  19. 'Service dogs' covered by ADA
  20. Your Dog's Poop May Be Spreading Infections In The Air
  22. Faithful Friend to the End.
  23. AU/Cab Refuses Guide Dog
  24. Commission Votes Down Miniature Pig in St. Charles
  25. Couple want to keep dog despite condo's no-pet policy
  26. Can a Housing Complex prohibit "service animals" like Doberman or ...
  27. Co-op City hit with Fair Housing violation
  28. Service dogs are to be seen, not petted; not enough people follow ...
  29. Disabled woman fights off pitbull; Her service dog mangled while ...
  30. Pack pooches in the cargo hold, CMA says
  31. Way beyond fetch: Service dogs help the disabled
  32. Blind woman with dog denied home
  33. Pets shouldn't be allowed on planes: CMA
  34. Blind man, 74, hit twice on Bellevue Ave. dies
  35. Renters claim Lake Saint Louis eviction is discriminatory
  36. No shopping for service dog
  37. SSDI in Trouble
  38. AU/ Man's best friend needs a bed, too
  39. new jersey- Vandervalk Seeks Approval for Medical, Education Issues
  40. Baltimore lifeboat is like little republic of its own
  41. Lawsuit against Catawba County Schools dismissed
  42. Some abuse service dog designators
  43. Animals in public: Many in valley see a benefit, but others cite ...
  44. Local registration part of new primate ban
  45. Union Station elevator down for two weeks
  46. Wounded war vet seeks apology from movie theater owner
  47. Possible Changes to Mental Health Care Access in FL
  48. My *Favorite* transportation company---
  49. Gig Harbor Woman Awarded $2.2M In 2007 Pit Bull Attack
  50. Service animal rules changed