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  1. Peer Support Trends in Montana!
  2. Lemoore councilman's service dog was shot
  3. Two arrested after dog and puppies stolen from terminally ill resident‎
  4. Restaurant Ordered Service Dog To Lobby
  5. Orange Co. firm sued for barring disabled woman's dog
  6. Winter Texan tangles with park over service pup
  7. AU / Clayton cafe refuses guide dog
  8. Firework thrown at elderly blind woman and her guide
  9. Robot. Guide. Dog. So. Dang. Slow.
  10. Saturday Evening Post--questionable ethics
  11. A match made in puppy heaven
  12. Outlook bright as Warrnambool-trained seeing-eye dogs graduates
  13. Woman Searching For Seeing Eye Dog
  14. Video: Japan Gets Robotic Guide Dog
  15. Apartment dispute over service dog settled
  16. PTSD Assistance Dog Taken Away From Soldier After Ownership Dispute
  17. CAN /- DND and Veterans Affairs Should Pay for Service Dogs for Veterans ...
  18. Pet Lovers, Pathologized
  19. Are Working Animals Our Partners Or Our Slaves?
  20. Tulsa OK / Regular pets passing as service dogs
  21. Fake Service Dogs
  22. Arizona AG comments on local donation scam
  23. CAN / Therapy dogs bound into Kemptville
  24. Tails of courage wag on Hallmark's Hero Dog Awards
  25. FDA Steps Up Salmonella Testing For Pet Food
  26. All Dogs Go to Law School?
  27. Norwich welcomes service dog on campus
  28. Lemoore Councilman's service dog missing
  29. FEMA Trains Staff on Disability Awareness and Sensitivity
  30. NZ / Chance's a willing helper
  31. Woman Who Stole Service Dog Pleads For Leniency
  32. JOHNSON v. B5592, LLC.
  33. CAN / Store Boots Autistic Girl & Service Dog TWICE!
  34. Letter: Be honest, ethical with 'service' dogs
  35. School denies access to student's service dog
  36. Tube rule change allows guide dogs on escalators
  37. Disabled vet with service dog barking up wrong tree
  38. From combat to a parking lot
  39. UK /Guide dog savaged in Bull Terrier attack
  40. What Kando can do!
  41. Dog fight rages on
  42. Blind Great Dane and Guide Dog in Need of New Home
  43. Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen
  44. HUD Charges Parkway Condos With Discrimination Against The Disabled
  45. Puppy Mill Study-- Sensitive Topic!!
  46. Dogs Allegedly Attack Veteran's Service Dog Outside Walmart
  47. Renter asks if her lease is binding to new landlord
  48. Search and rescue dog, owner declined lease at condo
  49. Missing blind woman's guide dog found alive in Portland
  50. Search continues for service dog