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  1. Non-profit donates service dog to disabled man
  2. Dog donated to Louisville girl with cerebral palsy
  3. Use of psychiatric service dogs a growing phenomenon | The Republic
  4. Update on Service Dog Being Treated at UC Davis
  5. Denver Man Jailed for Failure to Have Dog License
  6. Retriever Fighting Dog Days at Miami Airport
  7. Service dog question
  8. Seeing-Eye Dog Gets Hit With Apple on Clayton Road in Concord
  9. AU / Guide dog refused entry
  10. Good dog? Bad dog? Loose dogs raise concerns
  11. "She's Done So Much For Me": Disabled Woman Unable To Help Her ...
  12. Stray dog from Will County could become valued service animal
  13. AU / Cranbourne dog attack guilty plea
  14. UK / Blind man's attacker hunted
  15. Disability can lead to rule exemption
  16. Service dog missing in Golden Valley; injured Army vet who needs ...
  17. Scotland/ Barking mad to deny tax breaks for assistance dogs
  18. Parents of autistic children feel duped by puppy trainer
  19. UK / Bereaved woman fights crematorium dog rules
  20. AG gets service dog money back‎
  21. Illinois McDonalds kicks autistic child and her service dog out
  22. UK / Store asked blind man to leave because of his guide dog
  23. UK / Survey highlights issue of 'forgotten' bus passengers
  24. Islam: Banning Dogs As Pets
  25. ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam Event
  26. Worker accused of refusing diner with service dog
  27. UK / Blind man claims bus driver left him stranded
  28. ABA Supports 'Breed-Neutral' Policies for Service Animals
  29. Letter, 2/5: Governmental overreach
  30. Pet Food Product Recalls, U.S. Senator Expresses Concerns
  32. Family upset boy's service dog not allowed in Catawba school
  33. RIVERSIDE: Neighbors assist in search for service dog
  34. Byron the dog makes the bed, fetches milk and gets money out of ...
  35. Service Animals Go To School
  36. Local family seeks cutting-edge tool for child's autism: A $13000 ...
  37. EU / Safety or Cost Efficiency? Analysing Ryanair Disabled Passengers ...
  38. China/ Stray Dogs to Be Trained to Help People
  39. AU / Nikki opens vistas for Trentham's Alan Roberts
  40. Lawyer Links AF Academy to Instructor's Dog Poisoning
  41. Service Dog Saves Central Texas Pastor From Drowning
  42. South Africa/ cape town/ Dog shaman's open letter
  43. Obesity Epidemic Strikes Pets
  44. New York City Life Needs a Special Breed of Seeing Eye Dogs
  45. Doggedly stubborn law firm sued over access for service animal
  46. Neighbors rescue service dog taken from yard
  47. Attorney general: South Colton dog trainer must cease operations
  48. VIDEO: Letchworth taxi driver refuses to take guide dog
  49. Scottish Parliament debates Assistance Dogs
  50. Did Intrust Arena humiliate woman with service dog?