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  1. Girl takes her dog to school
  2. Save-On-Foods stores in Greater Victoria help service dog
  3. SWA refuses ESA Rabbit
  4. Palm Beach State college student wins battle over service dog for
  5. SDC mentioned in blog about faker service dogs
  6. Hearing dogs are changing deaf children's lives
  7. McDonald's Corp. Sued For Discrimination Against Blind Customers ...
  8. Specially trained puppy is a lifesaver for Houston boy with diabetes
  9. Puppies too frisky for ADA shelter‎
  10. Disabled Woman Fights Eviction Over 3-Pound Dog
  11. A $20000 decision -- is it a pet or an assistance animal
  12. CAN / Guide dog wait times reduced for deaf and disabled
  13. UK / Blind man hits out at taxi drivers over dog's snub
  14. UK / Halesowen solicitor wins the day after Mr T the guide dog barred
  15. Healing woman's best friend
  16. Are Dogs Manís Best Therapist?
  17. Condo association settles lawsuit with veteran over service dog
  18. Morris County to pay $200K to blind employee
  19. Dogs Help Vets With "Invisible Wounds"
  20. Stolen service dog returns home‎
  21. Disabled Couple Gets Eviction Notice For Service Dog
  22. Enumclaw police blotter
  23. New book paints portraits of Boulder's homeless
  24. K-9s in training may get new privilege
  25. ‎Food Matters: Clarifying the rules on dogs in restaurants ...
  26. They're not just German shepherds; local woman uses pug as service dog
  27. Concerns Over People Passing Dogs Off as Service Dogs
  28. My Master Made Me Do It
  29. Iraq War veteran with service dog asked to leave Jackson bar ...
  30. Colorado Man Heads To Court Over Dog Citation
  31. Not poor enough for help
  32. Bank of America Charged With Housing Discrimination
  33. Man charged with animal cruelty after police discover dog locked ...
  34. The word 'comfort' causes stir for bus rider
  35. AU / Blind Injustice
  36. Cat From Shelter Same Day Alerts To Seizure
  37. Police find stolen therapy dog
  38. Orchard View teen excels despite living with narcolepsy
  39. Service Dog to be Marine Family's 'Early Warning System'
  40. Veteran Reunited With 'Man's Best Friend'
  41. UK / Life saving dog wins award
  42. Furry friend could help with a rare disease
  43. UK / Find train thugs who mocked and punched blind man and guide dog‎
  44. Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Cedar Rapids property management ...
  45. Kindergarteners Shouldn't Learn to Spell "Gun"?
  46. Ailing Service Dog and Owner Returning to Reno
  47. NZ / Sophie, a perfect partner
  48. Nominations Being Accepted for 2012 "Hero Dog" Award
  49. Match Play: Seen and heard
  50. Pupdate: Gerte the lakecity's guide puppy in training introduced