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  1. Pupdate: Gerte the lakecity's guide puppy in training introduced
  2. Autism service dog helping WMass family
  3. Woman Says Business Turned Away Her Service Animal
  4. Man's best friend now gives a back massage
  5. Painting to Raise Funds for Service Dogs for Veterans
  6. Man trains rescue dog to help care for son
  7. Animals for Autism Scam
  8. Landlord responds to PTSD woman's cat dispute
  9. Bill allows health care providers to charge copy fees to patients in Social Secu
  10. Medford Woman Receives Service Dog For Epilepsy Condition
  11. K-9 companions assist Sailors with daily routines
  12. NZ / Governor-General Becomes Hearing Dogs Patron
  13. UK / Jon Prashar, Blind Man, Wins Damages After Being Refused Entry To ...
  14. No More Dogs in Grocery Stores!
  15. List of Recent News Articles on Mental Health
  16. School board to vote on social media, service animals policies
  17. Vietnam vet's 300-pound emotional support pet a pig divides ...
  18. Ohio / New law ends 'pit bull' tag
  19. Tough break for guide dog, but a silver lining
  20. Community helping local woman raise funds for guide dog
  21. Research shows, puppies should stay with siblings for first 60 days
  22. Event Center to host 'I Love My Dog Expo'
  23. CAN / Disabled man wins pet eviction fight
  24. Woof! In Shift, City Says Westminster Winners Can Eat at Sardi's ...
  25. UK / Warning over guide dog con
  26. EU / Study spotlights dog impulsivity
  27. NC Appeals court: Dead dog's owners not entitled to $28000
  28. Paw Paw teens to get service dog -- and a measure of independence ...
  29. Non-profit sues apartment owner over service dog pet deposit
  30. Veteran's service dog stolen from backyard
  31. Iredell family welcomes service dog for diabetic sons
  32. Stuart woman hopes to fight Leisure Village board over emotional ...
  33. UK / Dear Watson helps make life easier for MS sufferer
  34. UK / Official complaint made to Nando's
  35. AU / Well-educated Tyron learning new tricks every day
  36. iPhone Loss Leaves Man Blind In Atlanta
  37. Puppies promenade through San Jose airport on training walk
  38. Taking a puppy away from an autistic girl
  39. Going blind while leading the blind: A guide dog with cataracts ...
  40. UK / The gift of independence
  41. St. Francis to provide service dogs to veterans
  42. UK / Margaret has new lease of life thanks to her dog Ollie
  43. A pit bull, also a service dog, can help owner if she has seizures
  44. UK / Grandfather clause offers bite
  45. UK/ Selby District Vision volunteer chosen to carry Olympic torch
  46. Skeptical of service animals
  47. Pit Bulls as Therapy Dogs: Navigating Legal Dangers of "Dangerous ...
  48. Safeway in San Fran-- may start enforcing SD regulations
  49. AU / Blind paralympian Sue-Ellen Lovett asked to leave restaurants ...
  50. Hundreds protest MBTA cuts, fare hikes at Malden meeting