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  1. Service dog abandoned, left for dead
  2. Trained autism service dog goes to school with his boy,
  3. CAN / Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to hear complaint over service dog's
  4. Heartbreak for Dunfermline boy Lewis as dog dies
  5. Service dogs provide help and happiness
  6. Canine H3N2 13 states
  7. A Pilot Didnít Want a Teenage Girl on His Plane, But Itís His Reason Thatís Goin
  8. National Geographic special
  9. Proposed changes to news area
  10. Court Rules Girl Scouts Covered by Federal Disability Discrimination Law
  11. Service dog disappears when owner blacks out
  12. Federal Lawsuit Challenging Uber X's Exclusion of Service Animals
  13. Service animals or just companions?
  14. Service dog taken from Milwaukee man visiting Memphis
  15. Can we restrict service dogs at work?
  16. CAN / Human rights complaints filed over alleged guide dog discrimination
  17. CAN/ STM bus driver kicks off man with service dog
  18. Veteran claims salon refused service because of service dog
  19. St. Augustine woman, hospital clash over service dog
  20. Researchers Want to Know If Service Dogs Can Help Veterans
  21. Woman says hotel denied her room due to service dog
  22. Q&A recap: controversial thinker Peter Singer sparks debate on wisdom of funding
  23. Residents to rally against Lakewood's ban on pit bulls
  24. Veteran says gas station discriminated against him
  25. Schlumberger wants service-dog verdict tossed
  26. NewsChannel 3 Investigates: Los Alamos Restaurant Settles
  27. Service dog stolen from disabled veteran in Columbus
  28. Service Dogs, Owners Graduating to Life Together
  29. Man, woman allegedly steal car with dog inside
  30. Xavier University Gives Dog New 3D Printed Leg
  31. Local veteran, service dog denied access into Daytona store
  32. FBI to classify animal abusers in same category as murders beginning in 2016
  33. AU/ Guide dog users are still discriminated against at cafes and
  34. First Case Of Dog Flu In Iowa Confirmed In Sioux City
  35. Veteran with service dog turned away from courthouse Alabama
  36. Fraser restaurant tells man to remove service dog
  37. Canada: $25K Awarded Against Restaurant Owner Who Prevented
  38. Blind man says Fraser Mexican restaurant asked him to leave
  39. Service dog disagreement
  40. Uber driver put a service animal in trunk, lawsuit alleges
  41. Silicon Valley Finds it Harder to Ignore the Blind
  42. Blind users with service animals: Uber refuses to serve us
  43. Airline flies New York man and dog to Orlando, won't fly dog back
  44. Letter: Pit bulls are not meant for service
  45. House votes to expand the definition of a service dog
  46. A Guide-Dog Discrimination Lawsuit Against Uber Will Move Forward
  47. Colorado group sues Petsmart, claims blind customers not treated
  48. CAN / Guide Dog and Service Dog Act strengthens tenancy rights
  49. Family Going National in Search for Missing Service Dog
  50. Bay County man's service dog shot by unknown assailant; police