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  1. Bob Dyer: Misconceptions dog Akron woman
  2. Pa. homeowners group says seeing eye dog has to go
  3. States Cracking Down On Dogs Behind The Wheel
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  6. Andrea Taylor, Blind Kansas 5-Year-Old, Gets Stolen Therapy Dog
  7. IVERHART MAX recall
  8. State Goes to Bat for Depressed Artist
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  13. Missing guide dog finds his way home
  14. Service animals have protected status
  15. Missing service dog reunited with Great Falls family
  16. Fake service dogs: Pet owners exploit ADA loophole
  17. Chicago Condo Association's Therapy Pet Ban Challenged By State Lawsuit.
  18. 6 Year Old Killed By Service Dog That Attacked
  19. Man With Disabilities And Service Dog Alleges An Assault By Gas ...
  20. Diamond Dog Food Recall
  21. Student sues GVSU, needs Guinea Pig for Support
  22. AU/ Teena lucky to escape from attack
  23. Are you ready?: Officials urge residents to have 14 days of ...
  24. CAN / Dogs that help
  25. NZ / Dogs open doors for disabled
  26. Thirteen Year Old Girl To Get Goodwill's First Fully Certified ...
  27. Guide dog disappearance worries family
  28. hardin county officials apologize for mistreatment
  29. Service dog has a knack for knowing when people need help
  30. Craigslist Ad Leads Woman to stolen service parrot
  31. Missouri Senators consider bill giving greater protection for service dogs
  32. Guide dog may not work after attack
  33. Annie's mailbox: Call health officials on rude dog
  34. ‎Can a disabled tenant be required to remove his aggressive dog?
  35. "Hugger" Shown in photo-- KHS public meeting
  36. New US law mandates 'service' horses be allowed in stores, restaurants
  37. Oklahoma / Dog shot and killed protecting injured owner
  38. OBIT / Susan Kadala
  39. Service Dog Kicked Out Of School By Mistake -- Grace White
  40. UPS Store service dog refusal
  41. A passion for training four-legged helpers‎
  42. Autism Increasing - CDC
  43. Medicaid Cuts
  44. Air Force Service Dog to have Funeral
  45. Judge orders owner of Seizure Alert Dogs for Life to suspend activity
  46. Heckard fights stigma of PTSD
  47. HOA woes / Trying to see eye to eye with Seeing Eye dog
  48. Why chasing a ball is forbidden for puppies being trained as Guide dogs
  49. UK / Owner's fear after guide dog attacked
  50. Man sues shops for refusing to serve him and his mini horse