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  1. Hero dog makes important find
  2. U.S. Army's new service dog policy 'could be pushing more soldiers with PTSD to
  3. Service dogs help soldiers battling PTSD
  4. Controversial spay/neuter bill passes Alabama senate
  5. BEAUMONT: Monkey trumps Chihuahua in grocery cart
  6. UK / EXCLUSIVE: Blind man left disgusted after guide dog is turned away
  7. Death of guide dog after confrontation raises legal issues
  8. Corpus Christi dog set to be euthanized gets rescued, now trains to ...
  9. CAN / Newfoundland ,Labrador province/ newThe Service Animals Act
  10. Western is going to the dogs
  11. Service dog helps Fort Worth owner keep diabetes under control
  12. CAN/ My wheelchair job search
  13. Blind man's distress at guide dog attack
  14. Aggressive Dogs Favored By Disagreeable Owners, Study Shows
  15. Bill protects owners of small businesses from attorneys filing ...
  16. UK / MPs debate Dangerous Dogs
  17. Brooklyn Co-Op To PTSD War Vet: Get Rid Of Your Service Dog
  18. Family Pleads for Return of Autistic Child's Service Dog
  19. AU Protect our brave guide dogs
  20. For Combat Veteran, Following Doctor’s Orders Could Lead to Eviction
  21. UK / Waggy winner Ajay receives top dog award
  22. Edmonds-based rescue boat comes to aid of sinking sailboat near ...
  23. WinCo Kicks Out Man with Service Bird
  24. Call for testimonials about TDI discrimination
  25. Students rally around sick Southaven service dog
  26. The Current: Dr. Dog: Finding the paw-fect breed
  27. Barking Up the Right Tree: Dogs and Dementia
  28. Local school supports student with autism
  29. AU / Guide dog becomes frequent flyer
  30. Dog bodybuilding
  31. Advocate for the blind educates Folly Beach cops
  32. CAN / Confusion over legal versus illegal service animals
  33. Leader Dog Back to Work After Being Attacked by Pit Bull
  34. Dogfights at a Stable End in Court
  35. Researchers want to know what dogs think
  36. AZ To Provide Mental Health Services
  37. Pit Bull Rides Los Angeles Metro Bus
  38. La Crosse man still adjusting one year after tornado
  39. Genetic Basis of Dog Breeds
  40. Thieves Steal Blind Woman's Wallet in Subway
  41. What is a Service Dog?
  42. Pair spar over lost dog
  43. Letter: Much thanks to LAWS volunteers
  44. Man says Popeyes kicked him out over service dog
  45. Renters Taking Advantage Of Assistance Animal Regulations
  46. AU/ Glen Waverley's Fenix finds kindness in stranger
  47. Louis, Yorkshire Terrier, Sounds Panic Alarm For Disabled Owner ...
  48. Undercover cam tests businesses on service dogs
  49. Blind couple ordered to remove 'fire risk' gate
  50. Update on senior assistance dog in Florida