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  1. 5 things you don't know about service dogs
  2. Pennsylvania has passed legislation that increases the protection of service dog
  3. Golden retriever SD struck and killed by hit and run driver in crosswalk
  4. Goodwill Changes Policy On Service Dogs
  5. Disabled Facilities on Cruise Lines from
  6. Teen stands up to woman bullying guide dog on bus
  7. Pierce Co. deputies searching for stolen service dog
  8. Canada Man Told to Leave McDonald's Due to Complaints About ...
  9. UK / Woman with genetic eye defect thrown out of London shop because ...
  10. Debbie Kandoll of Ft. Bliss, Tex., protests Army policy barring ...‎
  11. Study / If Your Dog Is Aggressive, Maybe It Is in Pain
  12. UK / Mystery hero in guide dog road accident
  13. Mutt puppy rises to the occasion as service dog to owner with ...
  14. Fort Myers disabled man discriminated by bar
  15. Service Dog Owner Claims Discrimination
  16. Businesses face lawsuit fears as feds mandate 'service' horses be allowed in sto
  17. Our Animal Natures
  18. Hit-and-Run Injures Woman, Kills Service Dog
  19. Opposition to miniature horses acting as service animals increases
  20. UK / number of attacks on guide dogs by other dogs has reached a record high
  21. Service dogs ignite debate across Army posts
  22. Veteran Loses PTSD Service Dog / DUI
  23. UK / Guide dog goes veggie because he is allergic to meat
  24. 5-year-old's pup can detect diabetes ups and downs
  25. 4-year-old with seizure disorder hopes to get service dog
  26. Service dog barred from bowling alley
  27. article about TDI and their policy of discriminating against PWD's with SD's
  28. Nat geo cancels the Dog Whisperer
  29. Training own service dog has lasting benefits
  30. DIAMOND Pet Food Recall Goes GLOBAL !!!!!
  31. Puppy Starved to Death - Owner gets 60 Days
  32. Sad ending in search for missing service dog
  33. Families giving up on promised service dogs
  34. Why the military has the new SD policy for dogs on base..
  35. Hero dog makes important find
  36. U.S. Army's new service dog policy 'could be pushing more soldiers with PTSD to
  37. Service dogs help soldiers battling PTSD
  38. Controversial spay/neuter bill passes Alabama senate
  39. BEAUMONT: Monkey trumps Chihuahua in grocery cart
  40. UK / EXCLUSIVE: Blind man left disgusted after guide dog is turned away
  41. Death of guide dog after confrontation raises legal issues
  42. Corpus Christi dog set to be euthanized gets rescued, now trains to ...
  43. CAN / Newfoundland ,Labrador province/ newThe Service Animals Act
  44. Western is going to the dogs
  45. Service dog helps Fort Worth owner keep diabetes under control
  46. CAN/ My wheelchair job search
  47. Blind man's distress at guide dog attack
  48. Aggressive Dogs Favored By Disagreeable Owners, Study Shows
  49. Bill protects owners of small businesses from attorneys filing ...
  50. UK / MPs debate Dangerous Dogs