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  1. UK / Dog stays silent as owner is trapped
  2. Ask your government: Can our dog come with us to Canada?
  3. Service dogs in VA facilities: The fix may be worse than the problem
  4. Pommie pup or German shepherd: no dogs are welcome at ...
  5. VA Makes it Tough on Vets Who Use SD's
  6. Finally... Guardian Angel being charged
  7. Sudden Death Leaves Autistic Boy Without Service Dog
  8. Epileptic Woman Missing Her Service Dog
  9. China / First guide dog in years hits streets with master
  10. AU / Ally's amazing tale on the web
  11. UK / Rude cabbie refused ride to blind Brighton pensioner
  12. Police Search For Couple Who Picked Up Lost Service Dog
  13. Fox’s Martha MacCallum Barely Contains Laughter Over Wheelchair Woman’s Escalato
  14. Cognitive Rehab Therapy for Schizophrenia
  15. Schizophrenia Biomarkers
  16. Medicaid Changes in Ohio fro Mentally Ill
  17. Baby Boomer Mental Health Needs
  18. East Naples couple claim Hawaii hassle over their dog
  19. Register Today: National Service Dog Oral Health Exam
  20. The Michel Garant Challenge for Mira is now in full swing
  21. Woman Who Says She Found and Trained Stray Dog Lawyers Up ...
  22. Man Charged in Service Dog's Death
  23. Service Dogs of Virginia Receives Planet Dog Foundation Grant
  24. Service dog request ignored
  25. Stray dog dispute heads for Portland courtroom
  26. When Pigs Fly!!!
  27. Britain may allow pet monkeys, pigs on plane
  28. Nick News: "Service Dogs: Training a Service Dog"
  29. UK / Self-defence courses tailored for the blind
  30. UK / Pet pooch helps give owner new lease of life
  31. Fake Service Dogs Raise Concerns
  32. Family Working To Obtain Service Dog For Diabetic 2-Year-Old
  33. China/ Clear vision for future of guide dogs
  34. Off The Beaten Path: Canine Caretakers
  35. Service dogs can soothe injured vets, but VA doesn't cover costs
  36. Will you really have to sit next to a pig on a plane?
  38. 'Lexi Legacy' Fundraiser Benefits Woman Injured in Accident That ...
  39. Hallmark Channel and American Humane Association Announce ...
  40. NZ / Dog is Alla's lifeline
  41. Patient at Chilton Hospital in Pequannock and her service dog ...
  42. Missing Service Dog, Owner Reunited
  43. CAN / Restaurant fined after human rights complaint filed
  44. Legal Victory for Disabled Veteran Forced to Relinquish Service Dog
  45. Belfast dog Lennox put to sleep after 2-year fight
  46. Outrage over Lennox: Dog put to sleep for looking like a pit bull in Northern Ir
  47. Parity Implementation Coalition
  48. Native Americans: Dual Diagnosis Health
  49. Mental Illness in Health Law
  50. Man’s Best Friend Lives Up to the Name