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  1. Mental Health Care and the Affordable Care Act
  2. Peer Support Proves Recovery Possible!
  3. Schizophrenia Research
  4. TeleMedicine and Behavioral Health
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  10. another food recall
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  14. Dog Attack Separates Veteran from Best Friend
  15. Alberta CAN / Who does the service dog act protect?
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  17. Service Dog Attacked at Arden Way Motel
  18. Man Not Allowed to Bring Service Dog Into Wawa‎
  19. Resiliency to Life Stressors
  20. Schizophrenia Drug Research
  21. MOVED: For things to change!
  22. Dog Days at Walmart
  23. Disabled woman asked to leave Ann Taylor store because of guide ...
  24. "special needs kinda and dogs,"
  25. Spooked service dog runs away
  26. Twyla's dream: Family in need of service dog to control girl's seizures
  27. Schizophrenia and epilepsy have 'strong link'
  28. UK / Restaurant manager vows to change 'no dogs' policy after ...
  29. ‎South Africa/ Disabled woman left in lurch as dog quarantined
  30. McDonald’s kicked her out too, says woman with a St. Bernard for a service dog
  31. Wetaskiwin man asked to leave restaurant because of service dog
  32. Golfer gets assist from dog in fighting off teens on Portland golf course
  33. Autistic Boy Gets New Service Dog
  34. Mental Illness and Strokes
  35. Brain Can be Trained to be Less Impulsive
  36. Obesity and Mental Illness - Canada
  37. Mini horses for the blind … to guide or not to guide?
  38. Youths with gun, knife threaten Portland golfer and service dog
  39. Grover Beach boy needs a service dog
  40. Your turn: Please keep your dogs under control
  41. Abilene Family Raising Money To Buy Diabetes Alert Service Dog
  42. Suspect arrested in Wis. service dog hit-and-run
  43. Service dog trains to help Scottdale toddler
  44. Family raises funds for food allergy service dog
  45. Fundraising Efforts for Local Service Dog
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  47. Disabled NYPD cop saved by his canine unit
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