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  1. Dogs at Grocery Stores: Yea or Nay?
  2. CAN / Dog Attack Puts Spotlight On Pit Bulls
  3. Neighborhood comes together to find missing service dog
  4. Fake Service Dogs Frustrating Disabled
  5. Lilly Supports Research to Determine What a Dog's Nose Knows ...
  6. Mental-health advocate is also a symbol of recovery
  7. NYC Circuit Rejects Claim Dog is Service Dog
  8. Diabetes alert dog is boy's best friend
  9. An unusual partnership
  10. Maitland group helps raise money for injured service dog
  11. UK/ Guide dog makes life worth living for owner
  12. Two articles about dogs in the heat.
  13. A canine prescription for veterans
  14. Restaurant owner cited in refusal to serve war veteran with service dog
  15. Diner Must Provide Access, Not Civility
  16. Pirate the Papillon ready for service
  17. ‎Malaysia / Pushing for use of seeing-eye dogs
  18. Service dog disappeared from Phoenix area home
  19. Disability Treaty Moves Forward In Senate
  20. ADA breaks down all kinds of barriers
  21. Presidential Proclamation
  22. ‎Middletown council passes large-dog insurance law
  23. Dog could be a life-saver for Rowan boy
  24. Dog Park Dangers
  25. Training in mental illness self-management reduces depression, anxiety
  26. NZ/ Dog gives epileptic freedom
  27. ‎AU / award winning Guide Dog duo
  28. Former Star reporter dies at 70
  29. Seeing-eye dog alerts owner of gas leak
  30. UK / Grant To Train Dogs To Load Dishwashers
  31. US Balks at Treaty Giving Blind Access to Copyrighted Works (New ...
  32. US / Immediate Action To Support International Disability Rights
  33. Guardian Angel Service Dogs (Warren Retrievers branch). Family sues
  34. Disabled Vet Says United Employees Kicked His Service Dog ...
  35. Spiders and muscular dystrophy
  36. Student arrested in Oregon dog dispute
  37. Gas Station Accused Of Denying Access To Service Dog
  38. AU / Is bacteria making your dog fat?
  39. Reward issued for service dog that went missing after car wreck
  40. Dogs in local grocery stores?
  41. UK / Dog stays silent as owner is trapped
  42. Ask your government: Can our dog come with us to Canada?
  43. Service dogs in VA facilities: The fix may be worse than the problem
  44. Pommie pup or German shepherd: no dogs are welcome at ...
  45. VA Makes it Tough on Vets Who Use SD's
  46. Finally... Guardian Angel being charged
  47. Sudden Death Leaves Autistic Boy Without Service Dog
  48. Epileptic Woman Missing Her Service Dog
  49. China / First guide dog in years hits streets with master
  50. AU / Ally's amazing tale on the web