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  1. CAN / YMCA investigates after guide dog turned away
  2. DISABLED-ACCESS: Bill would limit lawsuits for violations
  3. Nebraska/ Service Dog Killed, Lincoln Woman Looking for Answers
  4. Puppy trainer to repay families of autistic children, under court ...
  5. BC / GPAG responds to dog complaint
  6. Epileptic Silver City pays for service dog that is banned from being
  7. AU / Guide Dogs seek community help/ NDIS coverage?
  8. CAN / Dartmouth man with guide dog denied service
  9. Lost Service Dog In Quarantine With Animal Control
  10. MANCHESTER: School board amends service animal policy
  11. UK / Tail-chasing dogs exhibit similarities to human OCD sufferers
  12. AU / Extra eyes, and love
  13. AU / Macquarie Fields resident receives hearing dog
  14. Broadway Designer Lloyd Burlingame Releases Two Seeing Eye ...
  15. New service dog is Delano girl's guardian and friend
  16. DIFFERENT VIEW: Good dog owners make good neighbors
  17. Service dog trainer - repay families of autistic children, under court agreement
  18. AU / Banyule Council seeks maximum penalty over Bellfield dog attack
  19. Guide dog pup forced to give up training after attack
  20. School district will allow service dog, won't provide handler
  21. Dog Stabbed on Venice Boardwalk
  22. Disabled Boy Attacked By Service Dog
  23. No dogs allowed
  24. Children Receive Service Dogs
  25. Devyn And Her Dog
  26. Maryland / Pit Bull Legislation Dies
  27. Guide Dog Leads Brick Resident From Fire
  28. AU / Lives changed by animal helpers
  29. Service dogs need to be allowed in churches
  30. Mom says school district changes autistic daughter's IEP, balks at ...
  31. Man raises service dog awareness
  32. New Pets May Help Autistic Kids Socially
  33. Urgent Mental Care Clinic
  34. Army veteran gets new service dog, free training
  35. Boyle: Dog takes a ride in Ingles cart
  36. Artificial Retina's May cure Blindness
  37. Meditation Decreases Lonliness
  38. Illinois allows mini horses as service animals
  39. Animal non-profit scammed by person posing as a volunteer
  40. Guide dog charity stops providing dogs to children with autism
  41. UK / Cabbie bans blind man from his taxi
  42. UK / Guide Dogs' CEO defends huge drop in reserves
  43. Video: Dogs on the Street II
  44. Lexington owner searching for missing service dog
  45. AU / Jen farewells great love with ride of her life
  46. Winner in competition, winner in life
  47. UK / Dog bite hospital admissions on the rise - especially among children
  48. Boy wants world to help him thank dying dog
  49. Is that Dog at Work?
  50. Dog lovers unite; man's best friend takes over Eureka for 17th ...