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  1. Service dogs help the disabled stay on their
  2. Tenant's service dog and emotional support dog allowed to stay
  3. ASU student impaled with golf club returns to school with servic
  4. How to act around a service animal
  5. Parvo outbreaks wreak havoc on service dog program
  6. Boy battling seizures approved for service dog
  7. Phenix City family needs donations for autism service dog
  8. Pawssible is Positively Richmond
  9. Medical service dog always at 4-Hers side
  10. Medical service dog always at 4-H'er's side
  11. Denied Service Dog Suit Welcome Under Calif. Civil Rights Act Law360
  12. Service dog will make all the difference for fifth-grader
  13. American Legion teaming with other groups to raise money for .
  14. CAN / Deadline pending for public input on use of service dogs
  15. CAN / NS government looks for input on service animal legislation
  16. Missing Service Dog Found In St. Cloud
  17. UK / Does stress give YOUR dog an edge or sent it hyperactive
  18. Service dogs get specialized training on TriMet buses
  19. Service dog group 'passes leash' to veterans
  20. CAN / Pit Bull service dog provides comfort for college student
  21. Veteran and his service dog asked to leave Lake Charles restaurant
  22. Woman with PTSD battles harassment for service dog
  23. Service dogs barred from concert in New Jersey
  24. Guide dog banned from church bus -
  25. UK / Litter leaves Wirral guide dog needing 1,600 operation
  26. Uber's Summer of Love Is Still Going Not So Strong
  27. The $35,000 guide dogs that outsmart technology
  28. 16 dogs seized from service dog agency in Jasper
  29. Puppies in Flight' helps unite service dogs and their owners
  30. Deaf Richland woman unites with new "hearing dog"
  31. Cracking down on fake service animals
  32. Beating victim receives new service dog
  33. MOVED: DOJ publishes new SD FAQ; OT described as "right" of PWD
  34. Service dogs in training banned from Orange County classrooms
  35. Veteran claims landlord is kicking him out due to service dog -
  36. Newburgh woman wants to thank man who helped her service dog
  37. County to decide if Guardian Angels gets special exception permit
  38. Florida law makes using fake service dogs a criminal offense
  39. Second suit filed over service dog at Aspen complex - Aspen Times
  40. Singapore? Cabbie helped guide-dog team
  41. UK/ British Grand Prix: Blind woman 'refused entry to Silverstone
  42. CAN / Diabetes sniffing dogs studied by Dalhousie University researcher
  43. CAN / Blind man with service dog told to stay out of restaurant
  44. CAN / Dog evicted from condominium because occupant failed to prove
  45. Great Dane helps, protects retired Purple Heart recipient
  46. Reynoldsburg veteran is missing his canine companion
  47. Have you heard of a service birds?
  48. CAN / Blind women booted from plane at Pearson for not muzzling guide dogs
  49. Kawkawlin Woman Seeks Help For Injured Service Dog
  50. TASH & the Autistic self advocacy network to OSERS lack of communication suppor