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  1. Tails of Marin: Teen brings joy to program for animals, autistic kids
  2. Chatham teacher, Seeing Eye, pushing for Dusty's Law
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  7. WEB EX: Service dogs donated to Alabama children
  8. AU Puppy service
  9. ADA Showdown: Dog-Fearing Cabbie vs. Blind Customer
  10. Golf tourney to benefit assistance-dogs charity
  11. Bomb Technology Humbled By Dogs
  12. Disabled veteran kicked out of store, told to go occupy Wall Street
  13. Peter Altschul embraces his guide dog
  14. The AKC Canine Health Foundation Approves More Than $1.7 ...
  15. NZ / Fun before important role
  16. Service dogs for veterans with PTSD should be covered, say Atlanta ...
  17. Celebrate Halloween at Adogo Pet Hotel
  18. Pets Helping Vets and Vice Versa
  19. Westfield Boy Will Receive Service Dog Through Mickey's Kids
  20. Family Raises Funds For Service Dog To Assist Autistic Girl
  21. Taco Cabana reeducates employees about service dog policies
  22. Escondido woman raising funds for service dog
  23. Should Our Puppy Sleep With Us, Or Be Banned From The Bedroom?
  24. Rabies 3 times normal animal cases in Arkansas
  25. AU / Words with Wyman: goodbyes are hard
  26. Community helps local girl towards getting service dog
  27. Chico woman's service dog has cancer, needs surgery soon
  28. UK / Charities receive 5000 cash boost
  29. K9s 4 Mobility Hosts Dog Show Fundraiser
  30. 'Pennies for Pups' teaches service
  31. Pilot study reveals pet car restraints not safe enough to protect dogs
  32. Victoria and Choco become fast friends
  33. Veteran with PTSD finds comfortin service dog from Woodlake
  34. Inventor, Animal Behaviorist Robert Anderson Dies at 90
  35. Support Dogs Make Life Better For Others
  36. Jon Sabin and Seizure Alert Dogs for Life
  37. Tiny terrier: Polish puppy may be world's smallest (VIDEO)
  38. UK / Highlight life-changing work of charity
  39. UK / Hearing dog Violet has helped to transform Jason's life
  40. UK / Ladies' night
  41. Auction helps guide dogs serve the blind
  42. A Dog's (Working) Life
  43. Pet Tales: A helping paw makes all the difference
  44. UK/ East Lancs guide dog 'Bene' to be named after a top tipple
  45. The poignant tale of Compton and Warner
  46. Epileptic banned from store
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  49. VIDEO: Four legged lifeline from Canine Partners
  50. Merlin opens charity Christmas card shop