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  1. Man's best friend: Dog aids cancer patient
  2. UK / Politicians find out what it means to be blind
  3. Nice to Greet You
  4. Knight in a nylon vest
  5. Fruita fundraiser planned for disabled GJ boy who needs a service ...
  6. Report: Feds Will Investigate Possible ADA Violation at NIC
  7. CHELSEA: Tog Dog Daphne survives poisoning, continues service ...
  8. Shopping has gone to the dogs
  9. Aussie the dog monitors his owner's diabetes
  10. AU / Heidelberg West man fined over dog attack
  11. Animals in service across US, and not just any dog will do
  12. Woman and hearing dog are winning team
  13. Week in Vienna
  14. Mason to host dog trick-or-treat fundraiser
  16. Volunteer puppy raiser gives service dog first home
  17. UK / Burnham: Blind man's plea after several near misses with cars
  18. AU / Dogs for Kids with Disabilities founder Katie Hunter a Pride of ...
  19. Local volunteers help raise puppies to become guide dogs
  20. Dog Receives Stem Cell Treatment For Ailment
  21. Dog saved choking girl's life with karate chop
  22. Owner pays thousands to keep dog in animal shelter
  23. Guide dog Jasmine visits Cain Elementary students
  24. NZ / Guide dog at home at village
  25. Puppy raisers applauded for fostering guide dogs
  26. Disabled teens to be honored for helping senior citizens and service ...
  27. The role of service dogs for vets sees challenges
  28. Lenoir City boy needs a service dog
  29. Maricopa man's service animal clinging to life after 9-dog attack
  30. Warner Robins Family Dog Detects Seizures and Low Blood Sugar
  31. Questioning service dog causes problems for local restaurant
  32. Teenager with Autism Protests to Gain Entry to Neighborhood School
  33. Torrington Elks Club to hold 'Dining in the Dark' event
  34. 6-year-old autistic boy meets donated service dog after family is ...
  35. Disabled Veteran Humiliated by Store Employees & Mocked for ...
  36. Iraq war veteran suing business, claims he and his service dog were
  37. Dangerous distraction: Woman spreads words about service dog ...
  38. Hero dog from Philippines arrives in the US
  39. AKC's $1.7M Funding for Dog Health Includes Grants for Genomics ...
  41. UK / Eight year-old Basildon girl is inspirational charity campaigner
  42. Woman Says Restaurant Owner Harassed Her Over Service Dog
  43. Restaurant Says 'No Pets,' Tries To Make Iraq Vet And Her Service ...
  44. Service dogs help those with neurological disorders
  45. Adopt A Shelter Dog. It Could Save Your Life.
  46. Pups serve with 'Golden Heart'
  47. Guide Dogs of American plan November fundraiser
  48. Sokol: Iraq veteran's rescue arrived on four legs
  49. Guide dogs lend a paw
  50. Ormskirk Rotary Club host Knitting Murder Night for Charity