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  1. Gering resident achieves great things with Rottweilers
  2. Holiday Pet Photos Help Fundraising Efforts For Assistance Dogs
  3. Fetch an education at canine college
  4. Celebrating Veteran's Day with Companions for Heroes
  5. Operation Freedom Paws matches vets with service dogs
  6. Cape's Lab Fest today
  7. Stray dog Angel living up to name aiding Iraq war veteran in Georgia
  8. Giving Back to Veterans
  9. Pet And Animal Sheltering Complicates Emergency Readiness
  10. UK / A helping paw for the nation's heroes
  11. Veterans tell Scarsdale students about service
  12. Statement by the NCD On Supporting Our Troops and Protecting Their Rights This V
  13. Support group for blind and visually impaired veterans tour the ...
  14. UK / New bollards installed to help improve access for all
  15. UK / Amy MacDonald backs guide dog and owner who are inspired by ...
  16. UK / Isle of Wight cadets sponsor assistance dog
  17. A Person with a Disability is Disabled. A Government Without an ...
  18. Dogs take part in sponsored charity swim
  19. Library patrons hear of “magic” dogs helping people
  20. Iraq veteran suffering from PTSD to receive service dog
  21. Dutiful Dogs
  22. Service Dogs to Be Honoured At Cesar Millan Show
  23. Pet Talk: Veteran inspired by dog helped launch Northwest chapter ...
  24. Scottish Health Awards: Deaf nurse's hearing dog Muffin steals the
  25. Santa Paws Comes Early For Dublin Dogs
  26. Canine Companions for Independence graduation ceremony
  27. Vietnam Veteran Reunited With Service Dog
  28. Clear Path for Veterans offers Dogs2Vets, other programs to aid ...
  29. Wounded Veterans Get New Leash On Life
  30. Woodbury Gardens to pay pet lawsuit damages
  31. Group to hear about dogs that help diabetics Nov. 15
  32. Hernando woman loses service dog and best friend
  33. Newlywed TV anchor dies alone from diabetic seizure/ had a DAD
  34. 4 paws, 2 feet, 1 team to fight PTSD
  35. Delaware Dogs Graduate To Become Life-Changing Companions
  36. Sandy forces seeing-eye dogs to give birth in dark
  37. Heroes Walk Among Us... On All Fours
  38. Graduation For Heroes & Patriot PAWS Dogs
  39. CNN: War vets find solace in 4 legged friends
  40. Four-Legged Student Graduates From Riverhead High School
  41. Genesys support group discusses how service dogs can help ...
  42. Pfizer Animal Health Sponsors Therapy Dog Category for 2012 ...
  43. War vets find solace in four-legged friends
  44. Honoring Veterans At Our Campus and With Our Programs
  45. UK / Street named in honour of 'wonder dog'
  46. Map, the therapy dog: more than a best friend
  47. Disabled Vietnam Vet's Non-Stop Search For Service Dog.
  48. OKC Woman With Service Dog Denied At Subway Restaurant
  49. KC stroke patient rescued dog Sadie, who then saved her
  50. Brain injury survivor Audrey Bocock is in this for the long haul (videos)