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  1. Fundraiser Aug. 8 to Help Joliet Woman Get Service Dog
  2. Service Dog Saves Blind Owner's Life During House Fire
  3. Man and Service Dog Not Allowed to Board Flight
  4. Service dogs make life easier for farmers
  5. Ireland/ Over 100 guide dog owners refused entry to food premises
  6. UK / Disabled couple and daughter stranded in a Travelodge on the M1
  7. Diabetic alert dog can go to school with student
  8. VA police detain man after meeting where they were criticized
  9. Huntsville employee fights to bring anxiety-relieving terrier to work
  10. Service Dog Stolen: Thief Refuses To Return Dog Despite Court Order
  11. Having a service dog in a pet-free apartment building
  12. On Emotional Support and Service Animals
  13. Protest ends peacefully at Panda Super Buffet
  14. Rant & Rave: C'mon, is that dog really a service animal?
  15. Russia/ Police, Muscovites Search for Guide Dog Stolen From Distraught Owner
  16. UK / Appeal launched to help dying guide dog Bella
  17. Gentleman Jake: 2015 Radish Pet of the Year is a kindly service dog
  18. Bill to Require Employee Training on Service or 'Guide' Dogs
  19. Woman and Service Dog told to leave Tyler Restaurant
  20. Service dog needs surgery to try to save tail
  21. $15000 Diabetic Alert Dog Vendors Called Frauds
  22. Local Man Says Service Dog Denied from Campground
  23. People ignorant of 25-year-old law
  24. CAN/ STAFFORD Service Dogs
  25. Working Like a Dog Qualifying As A Service Animal For ADA
  26. Kansas soldier honored for his service now under attack by
  27. Purdue professor looking to expand research on service dogs
  28. Woman and service bird asked to leave Maineville Kroger -
  29. Vet, service dog turned away from Blairsville restaurant
  30. CAN / Mother claims daughter's service dog was not welcome in Toronto
  31. Wal-Mart: 'Service animals are welcome in our stores'
  32. Animals and autism - Ethics and Safety Part 7
  33. 60 Years Later: How Discrimination Has Changed In The US
  34. CAN / NS woman speaks out after guide dog denied access to change room
  35. UK / Kirklees' taxi drivers face disciplinary action over guide dogs
  36. Toledo diabetic 1 of plaintiffs in service-dog case Read more at http://www.tole
  37. Veteran: Harker Heights Walmart denied entry to his service dog
  38. Living with the ADA: Families share
  39. Americans with Disabilities Act brings 25 years of inclusion
  40. Blind man denied Uber ride because of service dog
  41. Sumner woman gets 15 days in jail for animal cruelty
  42. Dal researcher aims to shed light on diabetic alert dogs
  43. Business Q&A: Americans with Disabilities Act cites only dogs as service animals
  44. Service dog rescued by Madison County Sheriff's Office
  45. Dog set on fire recovers, helps soldier with PTSD
  46. CELEBRATIONS: Puppy achieves ' good citizen' gold
  47. Bring Loki Home: Western Washington woman searching for lost
  48. Dog found by railroad tracks spurs outrage
  49. Iraq War vet squares off against Crown Communities -
  50. Letter: Service dogs