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  1. Salvation Army warning donors about fake bell ringers
  2. Encounter At The Market - And Response (7)
  3. Canine teams face FEMA Certification Evaluation at Disaster City®
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  6. Face transplant recipient says thanks in Southlake
  7. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT competition helps vision-impaired travel
  8. Using your Eftpos card this Christmas can help the seeing eye dog ...
  9. Santo's widow backs diabetes-alert dogs 'Ron would have loved'
  10. Singapore / Let the blind lead a dignified life
  11. A dog's life at cemetery
  12. Happy Ending: Stolen Service Dog Returned Safely to Owner
  13. Dogs Can Drive: Here's Video Proof
  14. Couple still in home despite dog-departure deadline
  15. What is Riding on Ratification of the Disabilities Treaty
  16. Charity walk for helpful canines
  17. Overzealous animal rescuers behind at least 60 dog-nappings in ...
  18. Guide Dogs of Texas gets $195000 grant
  19. COLLECTION SUCCESS - Heart-felt thanks for support
  20. Pictured: Moment brazen thief steals 3ft Guide Dogs for the Blind ...
  21. Lost puppy found, but not returned to heartbroken owner
  22. Dr. James Serpell to Present on a Scientifically Validated Dog ...
  23. Wisdom Lane Middle School Donates Funds to Canine Companions
  24. AU / New pup on the block
  25. Singapore / Special IC for blind people with guide dogs
  26. JURUPA VALLEY: School trains dogs to help veterans
  27. Service dog making life easier for injured veteran
  28. Depression lifts as wounds heal
  29. Service Dogs
  30. Service dog, boy with autism are likely best friends
  31. Singapore / Life with Esme, the guide dog
  32. Alissa Gets Her Dog / DAD puppy
  33. Spain's disabled protest austerity cuts
  34. Emmitsburg family helps train service dogs
  35. Donors help girl, 6, get diabetes alert dog/ ADULT dog
  36. Abilene Family Says Virginia Service Dog Company Is A Scam
  37. Six Service Dogs of VA Canines Graduate from Training School
  38. Reward offered for dog
  39. Blind Woman With Service Dog, Kicked Out of LR Restaurant
  40. Only certified service animals meet legal barometer
  41. Let's hear it for dogs
  42. Dealership benefits Leader Dogs
  43. UK / The HUMAN dogs: They carry buckets, call lifts, open doors and ...
  44. Singapore/ Third guide dog for the blind introduced to the public
  46. School says girl can't bring diabetes service dog to class
  47. Dogs and owners get their bark on at Woofstock open house
  48. Diabetes Dogs: K9 insulin monitors
  49. Ex-guardsman copes with help of service dog
  50. Couple training 'Grace' to help visually impaired