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  1. Chandler animal group works to help disabled veterans
  2. Proton, my companion dog, is a kid's best friend
  3. Watchet crossing 'worth the wait'
  4. Bethlehem Township man's new dog can foretell his seizures
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  6. Article on Schizophrenia and Recovery
  7. How My Dogs Help Me Cope with MS
  8. Buzzing and more to come
  9. UK / Gibson's off to become a guide dog
  10. Students make University of Kentucky a laboratory for training ...
  11. TSA Holds Wheelchair-Bound Girl Over Explosives
  12. UK / 13 years of very successful dog-training, and much more to come
  13. More Effective Med for Depression Being Tested
  14. Canine Angels bring healing to Newtown
  15. Trainers in Plano help get puppies ready to aid people with disabilities
  16. Demand for dogs grows as economy slows
  17. Service Dog Helps Brookfield Woman Cope with Stress Disorder
  18. Insurance Companies Dismiss Particular Dog Breeds Reports ...
  19. A Dog For Alex
  20. American Kennel Club Says Dognapping Cases Are Up By Almost ...
  21. Pet Talk: Volunteer puppy raisers socialize assistance dogs for ...
  22. Dog helps woman who sleeps excessively
  23. Oriel, the Seeing Eye Dog, visits KiDiMu
  24. Guide dogs available to visually impaired locals
  25. A special partnership with man's best friend that's lasted 50 years
  26. Saluting our Service Members West
  27. Service Dog Project aids veterans in treatment
  28. AU/ Outrage as Qantas says no to American Staffordshire Terriers
  29. 'Alarm Clock' Dog Helps Narcoleptic to Live Normal Life
  30. UK / 2013 looking good for Hounds for Heroes thanks to cash boost
  31. The next generation of guide dogs arrives just in time for Christmas
  32. Service dog returns home safely
  33. Modification to a Previous Presolicitation Notice - N-- Service Dog ...
  34. Cruise Ship Passenger With Service Dog Attacked
  35. Girl's dog is more than best friend
  36. Local Canine Ambassador Passes Away
  37. Every penny adds up for guide dogs
  38. Piedmont: PAAC holding annual dinner on Jan. 11
  39. Sight-challenged actor Herbert enjoying big year on stage
  40. Tomba Named Top Dog
  41. AU / A sight to behold: Left blind by strokes, Peter's new 'eyes' a first for ..
  42. Becky and Biscuit work together
  43. Real-life Lassie saves owner's life by calling emergency services
  44. Diabetics have four-legged alert system
  45. UK / Adopt a guide dog pup for a year this Christmas
  46. Israel turning a blind eye to discrimination against blind
  47. Narcoleptic Dog Owner Gets New 'Leash' on Life
  48. Wife of SD-based Marine upset over how she says American ...
  49. BC /Things that work: Assistance dogs a boon for the non-blind disabled
  50. Canadian sled dogs face extinction