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  1. Some veterans with service dogs meet resistance from landlords
  2. Former owners of Jasper County service dog kennel charged with .
  3. Researchers make vest that gives service dogs a voice
  4. Service animals and the Fair Housing Act
  5. Guiding Eyes For The Blind Honors Curt Landtroop
  6. VA amends access rules for service dogs at facilities Military Times
  7. When a Man Questioned My Son's Need for a Service Dog
  8. Spa owner denies service dog was kicked out
  9. 2 legged toy poodle given scond chance
  10. Its my service animal': Diners scramble for the door after man brings pet boa
  11. How can I get a service dog?
  12. Nicholasville man accused of posing as wounded Marine to get
  13. No resolution in service dog ruling
  14. UK / Blind woman and guide dog attacked in Hayes town
  15. Sandia Labs welcomes first service dog for veteran
  16. Mequon service dog gives man the gift of hearing
  17. MOVED: Animals on VA Property A Rule by the Veterans Affairs Department on 08/17/2015
  18. Monkey quarantined after biting worker at Bryant Target
  19. Dog saves blind man after Jacksonville hit-and-run
  20. An update on Elora the Guiding Eyes puppy
  21. Control vicious dogs
  22. Indian American Surgeon Exploring Future of Eye Transplants
  23. CAN / Service dog donated to family of Manitoba toddler with epilepsy
  24. Wasabi hosts awareness event
  25. Investigation continues after dog fight results in alleged death threat .
  26. For Uber, Lyft Riders With Disabilities, Discrimination Often Comes
  27. Man with service dog believes Petco's grooming area policy
  28. Nonprofit Reunites Homeless, Dying Veteran with Service Dog in
  29. UK / 'Despicable' thief stole from blind man on Dumbarton train
  30. CAN / Location of new super mailbox a safety worry for legally blind resident
  31. Service dog missing, vet hoping for safe return
  32. Restaurant responds to scrutiny over service animals with
  33. Man's best friend and caretaker: service dogs (+video)
  34. MOVED: [business name removed] Discriminated Against Me and My Service Dog on ADA's 25th Anniversary
  35. Woman told to remove service dog from Houston grocery store
  36. Russia/ Woman Arrested for Stealing Guide Dog Declares Hunger Strike
  37. CAN / George Brown student says she was denied housing over guide dog
  38. CAN / Trying to close the guide dog gap
  39. AU / 8-year-old Celeste has a Minnie new pal
  40. ​UK / Northampton wheelchair user angry after being 'forced into road
  41. UK/ Pub bosses make apology after disability dog mix up
  42. Fundraiser money stolen from 4-year-old
  43. Bringing Your Dog to NYC City Guide Magazine
  44. DFD places dog
  45. PETS: Assistance dogs provide valuable services
  46. AU / A dog that helps you hear? Lions hearing dogs trained to alert .
  47. Municipal Court Briefs
  48. Russia /Heart-warming reunion: Stolen guide dog returned to blind owner .
  49. Norway / Norway McDonalds ejects lady for guide dog
  50. UK/ Leicester firm Highfields Taxis refused to pick up blind man