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  1. OJR teen trains Seeing Eye dogs
  2. Iraq War veteran talks about life with a service dog at Lake Barrington Shores
  3. No, MORE Dogs in Stores
  4. China/ Loyal guide dog sticks by blind owner's bedside
  5. UK / Charity concerned over rise in attacks on SW guide dogs
  6. Service dogs provide barrier against anxieties
  7. Chicago Dog Show; Service Dogs and PTSD; Have We Seen Your ...
  8. Service dog brightens senior living community
  9. Future service dogs get more room to romp
  10. OJR teen takes love of dogs to next level
  11. Sara & Hannah
  12. Denise & Abbey
  13. Santa Cruz woman prevailing on community for help finding her ...
  14. Hicks: Charlie Sheen pays for teen's service dog
  15. Former US Representative Gabrielle Giffords Partnered with ...
  16. UK / Puppy lovers needed for disabled charity
  17. ScotRail deny blind man and guide dog Sleeper booking
  18. Graduation day for canine companions
  19. Guide Dogs assistance is imperative for accessibility – AD
  20. AD: Guide dogs essential for employability of blind
  21. APG News: Wounded Warrior Receives Service Dog
  22. Wounded warrior's 'nightmare': Veteran saving up for service dog ...
  23. Brookings woman raising money to fund veterinary care for friend’s assistance do
  24. Breed All About it: Why aren't shelter dogs used more for Service Dogs?
  25. NCD Response to the State of the Union Address
  26. PUPPY LOVE: Volunteer puppy raiser offers tips on housebreaking ...
  27. Hero Dog joins a new APG family
  28. Service dog professional to speak at Rotary meeting
  29. UK / Criminalising dog fights: MPs demand harsh guide dog protections
  30. Guide dogs learn job with foster families
  31. Seizure guide dog brings freedom in Alberni
  32. UK / You must be barking! Bus company charges passengers £1 for them ...
  33. Bentley sponsors assistant dog
  34. UK / Guide dog and owner visit Fairfield Infant School in Widnes
  35. UK / Liverpool accountants chose guide dogs charity for 2013
  36. Gabrielle Giffords paired with service dog (video)
  37. Marion County Student Receives Paws4People Service Dog
  38. Service Dog Could Save Diabetic Toddlers Life in Bartlett
  39. New Zealand's first diabetic response dog
  40. Raising Puppies for Veterans
  41. AU / Governor-General Quentin Bryce with her new friend / Pic: Adam ...
  42. Pick a puppy
  43. VIP (Very Important Puppy) Visits Sainsbury's Dronfield
  44. Smart phone 'guide dog' app gets training boost
  45. Service dog from Long Island matched with Gabrielle Giffords
  46. Pasadena: Wanted: Lifesaving dog for diabetic boy
  47. Can Therapy Dogs Be Beneficial For Children With Autism Spectrum ...
  48. Good Reasons for Some Purebred Traits
  49. Farmers Insurance Drops Pit Bull Bites From Homeowners' Coverage
  50. Freedom Service Dogs Launches 'Free A Hero' Campaign