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  1. Parkhurst receives service dog
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  3. Rescued dog poised to rescue man
  4. Changing lives one dog at a time with Can Do Canines
  5. UK / Amazing Dog Tales: Disabled Boy's Best Friend, Carers' Cupid
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  7. Service dogs help ex-military in Texas adjust to new lives back home
  8. Adopt A Service Dog Through Helping Paws
  9. UK / Duchess hails medical dogs charity
  10. Woman gets dog to monitor blood sugar
  11. Gunner the PTSD service dog
  12. Guide Dog and Teen Charm the Lions
  13. Lawmaker: Exempt service dog owners from pet-licensing fee
  14. Calabasas couple raises and trains puppies to help the visually ...
  15. Former Marine faked brain injury to fleece charities
  16. returned-to-ownerStolen Service Dog Returned to Owner
  17. retired US Air Force sergeant with PTSD reunited with stolen dog 10 mths later
  18. Puppies & Paws With A Cause
  19. Vero Beach off-leash dog park membership continues
  20. UK / Camborne Specsavers staff to meet guide dog puppy Freyja tomorrow
  21. UK / Guide dogs to benefit from Blair Castle Horse Trials
  22. UK / Ellesmere Port school bids to name guide dog
  23. Watch: Four-Legged Assistant Helps Ottawa Lake Man Stay ...
  24. Love Your Pet!
  25. Tiger rejects request to bring guide dog on flight
  26. Diabetic alert dogs save owners' lives by sniffing
  27. Mom raises money for trained dogs to watch over diabetic girls
  28. Baseball player won't move without his dog
  29. Nonprofit's service dogs aid military veterans
  30. Carrboro Century Center prioritizes accessibility
  31. 5K Run/Walk - Canines for Combat Veterans
  32. Volunteer Edmonton :Dogs With Wings aids disabled Albertans
  33. How my dog saved my life
  34. AU / Austral Bowling Club backs guide dogs
  35. UK / Camborne opticians raise cash to fund guide dog
  36. Seniors in need of service dogs face harassment
  37. Group pairs shelter dogs with service members
  38. Nonprofit links service dogs with veterans suffering PTSD
  39. Check Out What Service Dogs Can Do
  40. Patriot Paws assists veterans
  41. Public hearing on bill to help veterans with therapy dogs: Oregon ...
  42. Fake Service Dogs Provoke Resentment, Possible Rule Change
  43. Know More about service dog requirements
  44. Mom says family chased out of restaurant because of daughter's ...
  45. Iraq War veteran talks about life with a service dog at Lake ...
  46. Mickey's Kids Strives to Bring Smiles, Friendship, Independence to ...
  47. Fundraiser set this weekend for 'life saving' dog
  48. Cushing Disabled Veteran Seeks Help Finding Missing Service Dog
  49. Ten More Service Dogs Graduate From Oceanside Program
  50. Service dog puppy training begins