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  1. NZ/ Young Jake's mobility dog a first for Taranaki
  2. Council sticks with status quo after dog zone review
  3. DOGS from Shelter to Service
  4. Attempted dog poisoning reported in Kelso Washington
  5. Community comes out to support epilepsy awareness
  6. Disabled West Lancashire amputee refused taxi rides because he ...
  7. Service animals now limited to dogs and miniature horses in Ariz.
  8. Prison pooches: Bland Co. inmates training service dogs
  9. Bill would prevent cities from requiring dogs be neutered
  10. Veterans Kicked out of Bar
  11. Golden retriever study suggests neutering affects dog health
  12. Dear Abby- people are bringing their dogs shopping
  13. Dogs Improve Quality of Life for Families with Children with Autism
  14. Disrespectful People with Dogs in Yogurt Shack on Sunday Afternoon
  15. Service dog would help diabetic girl
  16. Retrieving Freedom trains dogs to help soldiers, others
  17. Dogs that brought love to disabled couple in Crufts final -
  18. Lazy parkers cause 'nightmare' for blind people in Sunderland
  19. Service Dogs Graduate with Military Honors
  20. U of U students learn how animals can assist therapy
  21. The Puppy Lament - A doggone story
  22. A dog's-eye view of the world
  23. Kong Nearly Kills Dog Through Obstruction:
  24. PHOTOS: Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon
  25. Susan Nielsen: Oregon veterans need more than dogs and highways
  26. Carroll County Collage: Girl needs help getting seizure dog
  27. Would you be willing to use a living animal as a respirator or dialysis ...
  28. Georgie the guide dog inspired smartphone app
  29. UK / Dogs help owners find a happy ending
  30. Cohasset Working Dog Foundation chooses grant recipient
  31. Woman has dual bond with dog
  32. Someone You Should Know: Lee Krizka And Her Dog, Merlot
  33. UC Davis Research: recommending vasectomies or tube tying
  34. Coffee, Trivia and a Great Cause
  35. Pet Tales: Dogs help autistic children
  36. Tucson Tails: Handi-Dogs Info, Fundraiser, Intern Wanted
  37. Bogey has big paws to fill, introduction to a guide dog
  38. Freemasons holding fundraiser to get girl a diabetic alert dog
  39. Commentary: Some dog owners need lessons
  40. TSA apologizes for attempting to screen toddler in wheelchair
  41. Bunker Hill Middle School Roots & Shoots Club welcomes The ...
  42. Tiger Airways will review guide dog requests on case-by-case basis
  43. Southeastern Guide Dogs: Play to Your Strengths
  44. Max 'shepherds' through life
  45. Alfred Morris, London Fletcher autograph military service dog
  46. Blind man, dog help homeless
  47. QT issues apology after service dog harassed
  48. Wilma and Juan are a perfect match
  49. SONY FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC : Sony Life Donated to The Eye ...
  50. Lions Pancake Breakfast To Benefit Veterans