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  1. Shooting at Oregon college included woman in a wheelchair with service dog
  2. University officials make changes to service animal policy
  3. UK/ Blind man 'denied' office in '50p building' because of his guide dog
  4. AU/Dogs 4 Dementia in-home care scheme launched in Tasmania
  5. Dozens of squatters evicted from former Times building
  6. Veteran Told To Get Service Dog Off DART Train
  7. Overkill for Little Max's Leash Law Violations
  8. Feds sue Gates Chili over service dog
  9. At 25th Anniversary of ADA, How to Avoid Getting Bitten by Service
  10. Chile/ Heartless thug HURLS blind woman's guide dog out of lift
  11. Advocate says regulation may be needed in service dog laws
  12. Fake service animals cause problems for the disabled, business
  13. HOPEWELL SCHOOL DISTRICT: Board mulls service dog policy
  14. UK/ It's my Lidl pony! Shoppers stunned to see small horse walking
  15. TSA honors coordinator with Smithtown dog training foundation
  16. A shortage of guide dogs in France
  17. Veteran says service dog was not allowed to board flight
  18. UPDATE: Cardiac arrest alert service dog is home, safe
  19. UK/ Guide dog hit by reversing cab
  20. Local Marine Veteran Shares New Details of Service Dog's
  21. Service dog blamed for attack at outdoor show
  22. Stores Wrangle with Rules for Dogs
  23. What Makes a Dog a Service Animal?
  24. Chicago restaurant apologizes to veteran asked to leave because of
  25. Jessamine County Wolf Goes to School
  26. Teacher speaks out about service dog dispute
  27. Disabled Homeowners with Service Dogs Denied .Insurance
  28. Missing service dog found in Texas
  29. Autistic Boy With Service Dog Denied Whale-Watching Trip In B.C.
  30. Woman thanks IMPD after service dog was attacked
  31. Texas clinic supports decision to deny treatment to woman
  32. NZ/ No room at the inn for Frodo
  33. UK/ Guide dogs cannot empty washing machines, no matter what we think
  34. UK/ 'Foolhardy' act prompts plea by blind woman
  35. UK/Eastbourne women sentenced after attack on blind woman and her
  36. ASU-Beebe student utilizes service dog
  37. Professor to speak at Purdue about human-animal interaction
  38. Service dog helps Manatee library aide
  39. For farmers with disabilities, dogs provide a renewed sense of pride
  40. An El Paso charter school denies student's service dog
  41. Phoenix man sprays fire extinguisher at neighbor, service dog
  42. Service Dog Injured, Owner Desperate For Help In Recovery
  43. Woman and service dog allegedly kicked off MTA bus
  44. Texas State in ADA violation
  45. Mom says she's being evicted over autistic son's support dog
  46. Disability Access Application of Disabled Persons Act and Unruh ..
  47. Service dogs in the classroom pose a challenge for city's public .
  48. Sherrard service-dog matter settled
  49. Ukraine / Dogs to help Ukrainian veterans through post-war traumas
  50. Service dogs for veterans with PTSD get closer look