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  1. Service dog allegedly attacked by hawk at SeaWorld
  2. Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What Is A Real Service Dog?
  3. SPCA Removed Service Dog from Blind Man for Neglect
  4. NC veteran claims he was forced out of job because of service dog
  5. Woman claims nail salons kicked her out over service dog
  6. Service Dog Group Trains People And Their Pups Together
  7. UK/ Business urged to 'let the dogs in' by hearing charity
  8. South Korea/ On a leash, but unrestrained in love
  9. UK/ Minicab firm accused of refusing to allow a guide dog in car
  10. UK/ Hailo driver fined after refusing to carry blind man's guide dog
  11. UK/ Woman says the blind are turned away by Exeter traders
  12. UK/ When disabled people took to the streets to change the law
  13. The Importance Of Not Distracting Service Dogs:
  14. UK/ Bogus dog training firm 'has conned more than 20 families'
  15. Disabled vet, service dog denied entry to grocery
  16. Dogs Are Everywhere, But Should They Be?
  17. Pueblo man missing his service dog
  18. Service dogs welcome in Mission schools?
  19. Phoenix police: Officer not allowed to bring service dog to work
  20. 'Big' Dog at LAX Goes Viral as it Boards First Class Flight - dog/wheeled dolly
  21. Family distress as toddler's helper dog goes missing in Service
  22. 9/11 hero with PTSD fights to keep his service dog
  23. 'Mortified' blind woman is told to leave Asda by a security guard
  24. Girl with service dog wants US Supreme Court to take case
  25. People posing imposter service dogs could face serious fines
  26. Facebook reunites blind Wash. man with missing guide dog
  27. UK/ Assistance dog controversy: 'We do not recommend dog company
  28. CAN / Taxi drivers with allergies don't need to accept guide dogs, rules
  29. UK/ Assistance dog controversy: Sick and undernourished puppy was
  30. Japan/ “No dogs allowed”: Why one service dog was refused entrance to
  31. Woman's Service Dog Dies After Being Struck In Atlantic City
  32. Vets shouldn't need a reason to use a service dog
  33. New owner says he saved dog that veteran wants returned
  34. AU/ Owners of animals that attack guide dogs could face tough penalties
  35. AU/ Blind Canberrans 'find city harder to navigate as urban areas
  36. Metro's Automatic Gates Are Dangerous For Service Dogs, Rider Says
  37. UK/ Brighton Mum fears money for daughters service dog has "gone
  38. Malaysia / NGOs: Lack of access for guide dogs a handicap
  39. UK / 7 in 10 Deaf People with Hearing Dogs Refused Access on the UK
  40. Innkeepers Turned Woman Away Because She Has Service Dog
  41. Judy Putnam: Are service dogs welcome in VA hospitals?
  42. Aspen HOA denies wrongdoing in service-dog flap
  43. Fiance of UCC victim: "Her dog lays next to the door at night and
  44. UK/ Fine for Essex cabbies who turned down blind man and his dog
  45. Kenya/ Abby White, my dog, guides me all over the world
  46. 'He was murdered': Boulder police investigate beating,skinning of dog / Boulder
  47. 90 years of service: Long-lived Lions Club marks anniversary
  48. Stabbing under investigation near Boston Common
  49. Pa Restaurant Refuses Service Dog
  50. Woman alleges service dog discrimination at Walmart