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  1. Foster youth advocate for themselves in Olympia
  2. More animals on airplanes is good
  3. State lawmakers debating bill that would crack down on fake service
  4. City employee, a war veteran with PTSD, is battling over bringing
  5. Airlines have had it with fake emotional support animals — here are some of the
  6. Blind man says transportation company wouldn't let him board with
  7. Delta Tightens Leash On Service Animals
  9. Delta Should Leave Blind Travelers Alone
  10. Local service dog trainer responds to Delta crackdown
  11. Veteran's missing service dog found dead after weeks long search
  12. The Dogs That Saved Her Life
  13. Selfish Air Travelers Make Me Want to Puke
  14. Niles West High School Welcomes First-Ever Service Dog January 21, 2018 at 5:36
  15. Service dog for autistic kids got a face full of pepper spray from JP candidate,
  16. Delta Issues New Guidelines for Flying With Service, Support Animals
  17. People are dressing up their pets as service dogs, but a new bill would make it
  18. UK/ Blind Alison May has been left trapped by cars outside her home
  19. Your Emotional Support Duck Is Not Welcome in Seat 15C
  20. ”Pet” Peeve – an Airline Finally Starts to Stand up to Phony ESAs
  21. Flier's Uncomfortable Flight Goes From Doggone To $400 In The Pocket
  22. Skiers Assume Risk, As Colorado Ruling Frees Resorts From Liability
  23. All Hail Delta, Queen of the Animal-Free Skies
  24. Maine / Bill would give immunity to those who render first aid to K-9, service d
  25. Delta's smart move to bar phony support animals
  26. National Federation of the Blind Statement on Delta's New Service Animal Policy
  27. CAN / Fake therapy dogs dining out on owners’ selfishness: Ethically Speaking
  28. Wisconsin Assembly passes massive landlord-tenant bill
  29. Delta Was Applauded For It’s New Stance On Service Animals But Guide Dog Users
  30. Woman sees dog lunge at man, asks owner to pet it and gets bitten
  31. "Winter Park was correct in keeping veteran’s service dog off chairlift"
  32. "Veterinarian helps vets with PTSD get service dogs." He doesn't get it
  33. New York Times: Delta Tightens Rules for Service and Support Animals
  34. MOVED: Treat concussion with squirt of medicine up nose?
  35. Mother, make it stop!
  36. Government To Probe Whether Florida Condo Association Can Force Vet To Give Up S
  37. Why There Are So Many More Animals on Planes Over the Holidays
  38. Minnesota counties say service animals welcome — but keep ordinary pets at home
  39. No charges against GR bar that kicked out vet, service dog
  40. Texas / It shouldn’t be a dog eat dog world when it comes to service animals
  41. Your Opinions | Two takes on taking dogs everywhere
  42. Co-creator of MTV Unplugged is struck and killed by a cab while walking with his
  43. 3 changes to itemized deductions under tax billsource H&R Block
  44. Changing Tax Codes Impact Assistance Dog Services for People
  45. Florida Woman Says Condo Association Won't Allow 'Service' Dog Poolside
  46. A Veteran and His Service Dog May Be Forced to Part Ways
  47. Disabled veterans file suit involving service dogs against gluten-free .
  48. MOVED: Good job, WebMD and the spokesperson for NEADS
  49. Fake emotional support animals could land owners in jail under bill
  50. EXCLUSIVE | Family claims ordeal ensued over service dog at local