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  1. New tech helps handlers monitor health, well-being of guide dogs
  2. UK/ An Un-regal exit for brain-injured man and guide dog from
  3. VA PTSD facility turns away veteran's service dog
  4. Service dog killed in Poughkeepsie dog attack, police seek suspect
  5. Proposed Information Collection (Requirement To Present Certain Health Informati
  6. Despite Recent Gains, Restrictions Persist For Service Dogs At VA
  7. Disabled Woman Sues Aventura Condo Over Service Dog Access
  8. Couple hopes to find missing service dog
  9. DOJ Reaches $145000 Settlement Over Access of Emotional
  10. Livin' Large: Tornado Victim Moves Into Million Dollar Mansion for
  11. St. Anthony's Dining Hall opens emergency shelter for SF's homeless
  12. Southeastern guide dog's future uncertain after attack in Bradenton
  13. Man punches disabled vet in face because his daughter could not pet service dog
  14. Missouri Bill Could Redefine a 'Service Dog' for PTSD Victims
  15. NY to allow service dogs in domestic violence shelters
  16. How to post on this board
  17. MOVED: BSL
  18. Airplane Access Regulations / Closer Alignment with Justice Department Possible
  19. UK/ Police recruits Sidney - and guide dog Jamie
  20. Service dog, teenager questioned at Skiatook Wal-Mart
  21. Column: Michigan gym owner shuts door on service dog
  22. Co-op d'etat: Feds sue Trump Village for discrimination
  23. Service dog refused entry during family outing to Gouda restaurant
  24. Federal register , Consideration of proposal to change ACAA
  25. CAN / BC's new Guide Dog and Service Dog Act come into force on January 18,2016
  26. CAN / Man with Service Dog Refused Service from Two Cabs
  27. UK/ German Shepherd sits in own plane seat like a human
  28. AU/ Melbourne taxi driver refuses pair of young war veterans with PTSD
  29. Donations Help Cover Injured Service Dog's Medical Bills
  30. 'That was my baby' : Service dog fatally shot during attempted robbery
  31. Off duty police officer shoots deaf woman's service dog at Maryland
  32. Hongkong /Netizens outraged by bus driver who wouldn't allow guide dog
  33. Blind couple left stranded in woodland after attack on guide dog
  34. UK/ Blind man accused of dog fouling complains of discrimination
  35. Heroic guide dog saved entire family from fire which started in their ..
  36. 9-year-old facing physical hurdles step closer to goal of owning .
  37. AU /Taxi driver lies to avoid taking blind passenger and her guide dog
  38. Service Dog Assists Vet
  39. How a dog's tale won huge grant for Nevada Humane Society
  40. Savannah teen wins fight to bring service dog to school
  41. Born to serve
  42. Service dog found, is headed home
  43. Diabetes Alert Dogs: Buyer Beware
  44. Service dogs for veterans would be supported by Rep. Holly Hughes bill
  45. Service dog organization (CPL) demanding return of 11-year-old dog
  46. UK/ We must not allow the Medical Detection Dogs' reputation to be tarnished
  47. DMV Doesn't Let Woman Take Driving Test With Her 'Service Dog'
  48. Blind woman ordered to give up guide dog after it bites 3 strangers
  49. Taylor man accused of striking boy, service dog
  50. Big controversy over a vetís tiny service dog