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  1. Attica resident wants to raise awareness of service animal laws
  2. Specsavers charity bid for blind
  3. UK / Friends will jump out of a plane for Dogs for the Blind
  4. UK / Guide dog attacked by 'violent' Staffie
  5. LATEST : Taxi drivers in Aberdeen ' refusing to take guide dogs in ...
  6. Quite a sight for Warwickshire police commissioner
  7. Foster families raise guide dogs for blind
  8. UK / Guide dog puppy walkers raise cash in memory of colleague
  9. Xpose presenter endorses national walk for Irish Guide Dogs
  10. Weber/Davis club enjoys training puppies to be guide dogs
  11. 'A sense of independence'
  12. 110-pound dog handles crowd control
  13. Local Family In Need of Diabetes Detection Dog
  14. Bulldogs for Soldiers program helping veterans
  15. UK / Campaigning mum asks hometown to lend its support
  16. Purina Dog Walk raises funds for those in need
  17. Assistance dogs take to the water like ducks
  18. UK / Whalley couple 'training guide dogs helped us cope with our loss'
  19. UK / Volunteers Required To Drive With Their 'Eyes Wide Shut' For Guide ...
  20. UK / Hartlepool fun day gives Guide Dogs a boost
  21. UK / Mitchell Farrar Group team take part in charity skydive for Guide Dogs
  22. Service Dog: An Idaho Army Veteran Struggles With Post Traumatic
  23. Girl's family needs to sniff out $15G for allergy service dog
  24. Scared Publix customer sprays seeing-eye dog with bleach
  26. Effort seeks to match dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD
  27. Effort seeks to match dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD
  28. UK / 'The day I did go blind, I knew it was coming'
  29. Rallying for Ryker: Mom Works to Raise Funds for Therapy Dog for ..
  30. Study to test Exstacy to treat social anxiety in adults with autism!!!!!
  31. Back from the brink: Service dog is 'lifeline' for PTSD vet
  32. Blind Charlotte hiker's 'senses' guide him on unprecedented trip
  33. Putting their best four-legs forward
  34. UK / Vet firm raises cash for charity at event
  35. Don't let your pet (or yoursefl) eat cicadas if you have shellfish ...
  36. Hero's Best Friend
  37. Legislature OKs, sends to Perry service dog bill
  38. Service dog Jefferson Davis is wounded warrior's best friend
  39. Housing crisis for PWDs
  40. Puppy School For Future Service Dogs: Inside An Ambulance
  41. Student's best friend
  42. Service Goat
  43. Virginia, federal laws regarding service animals in conflict
  44. Pet owners, condo associations in dog fight
  45. Donations assist in obtaining canine companion
  46. Dogs walk for Lions
  47. Paws for Lilly
  48. Uk / Woodbridge: Firm's donation delights charity fundraising team
  49. AU / Unwanted attention a danger with dogs on duty
  50. Harbourfront Walk for Dog Guides