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  1. 3 ways to give: Laps for Yaps, Pops Party, guide dog fundraiser
  2. Celebrate Community: Hardin teen commits to help war-damaged ...
  3. SPOTLIGHT: Service dogs help reading program
  4. Book Club: Dogs help veterans heal
  5. Bonnie Henry: 'Comfort animals' make me a bit uncomfortable
  6. Living with PTSD: 'It's amazing what a white dog can do'
  7. Dogs help veterans heal
  8. Guiding Eyes for the Blind Selects TFI Envision to Develop 2012
  9. `Eyes on Four Paws'
  10. Guide dog makes it to Malta
  11. Ga woman claims discrimination over cab refusal
  12. Three Cheers: Thankful for fundraiser support
  13. This Able Veteran 'Closing the Gap' with its Standards-Setting PTSD
  14. Subsidized cellphone service comes at a cost
  15. UK / Knitting squares for Guide Dogs
  16. Guide dog puppies start lessons in Lemoore
  17. Colorado Guide Dogs Run to aid project, end in Florence
  18. Blind woman says cab owner refused service over guide dog
  19. Guide dog helps Medina resident 'find the way'
  20. UK / You can make a difference
  21. UK / Coal carriers to raise bags of cash for Kelty pups
  22. Autistic Hardaway student graduates with his service dog
  23. Wag your tail at annual service dog benefit
  24. Service Dogs Can Also Assist Diabetics
  25. GOP senators push to end 'offensive' cellphone subsidy for the poor
  26. Feds sue homeless shelter for barring blind man and his dog
  27. 170,000 lifeline subsidized cell phone users' personal info exposed
  28. Dog-bite case back in court
  29. Predicting Autism Outcomes
  30. MOVED: Patricia McConnell's Blog about PSD's
  31. Take a walk for the Guide Dogs
  32. UK / Walk raises funds for guide dogs
  33. UK / Special reason to take leap of faith
  34. Kids hand service dogs over to recipients at graduation in Merced
  35. UK / Dog show raises money for hearing charity
  36. UK / NI trains 100 guide dogs
  37. State Supreme Court issues injunctions against ôseizure-dog
  38. Service Dog: An Idaho Army Veteran Works To Help Others Find ...
  39. Central Florida Animal Service organizations angered over online ..
  40. Veterans Corner: An explanation of service animals
  41. Attica resident wants to raise awareness of service animal laws
  42. Specsavers charity bid for blind
  43. UK / Friends will jump out of a plane for Dogs for the Blind
  44. UK / Guide dog attacked by 'violent' Staffie
  45. LATEST : Taxi drivers in Aberdeen ' refusing to take guide dogs in ...
  46. Quite a sight for Warwickshire police commissioner
  47. Foster families raise guide dogs for blind
  48. UK / Guide dog puppy walkers raise cash in memory of colleague
  49. Xpose presenter endorses national walk for Irish Guide Dogs
  50. Weber/Davis club enjoys training puppies to be guide dogs