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  1. Feds: SuperShuttle Discriminated Against Blind Woman
  2. Organization Rescues Dogs to Provide Therapy to Vets With the ..
  3. Service Dog Provides Life-Changing
  4. Giving help, getting help in the Midlands, June 4
  5. Rescue dog helps woman manage challenges of bipolar disorder
  6. Chick-fil-A Spirit Night supports service dogs
  7. Fulton Launches 'Jail Dog' Program
  8. Wellesley war hero matched with a most meaningful service dog
  9. Doggone Days of Summer Camp
  10. Epileptic Hasbrouck Heights girl getting service dog, thanks to ..
  11. Injured Wellesley native matched with unlikely service dog
  12. Service dog helps soldier with PTSD
  13. Service dog fund-raiser fetches major donations; New education ...
  14. Carnival Countdown: Memories from 1988
  15. Nate Smelle/ Bancroft This Week/ QMI Agency
  16. UK / Guide dog attacked by 'pit bull' in Penryn may not work again
  17. Wag Your Tails For Service Dogs: How Dogs Can Give Back To ...
  18. UK / Cabbie guilty of refusing to take blind woman and her dog
  19. UK / Cabbie fined for refusing to take blind woman and her dog
  20. Walk for Dog Guides has record fundraising year
  21. Taxi driver found guilty of failing to carry guide dog
  22. Easytrip supports Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
  23. Quite a sight for Warwickshire police commissioner
  24. Guiding Those Who Teach the Guide Dogs
  25. How autism assistance dogs are helping two Uxbridge families
  26. Dog Gonnit: New policy bans pooches from PrideFest
  27. VETERANS' CORNER: The differences in therapy, service and
  28. More than just a pet: Service dogs help veterans' lives get back to ...
  29. In need of a dog
  30. Kids hand service dogs over to recipients at graduation in Merced
  31. AU / New guide dog for Bridgetown local
  32. UK / Attack on guide dog sparks plea for more care
  33. UK / Children raise money for Guide Dogs
  34. UK / Dogs get up to old tricks
  35. CAN / Ride for Dog Guides en route to Lloydminster
  36. Rescue dog helps woman manage challenges of bipolar disorder
  37. UK / Quite a sight for Warwickshire police commissioner
  38. UK/ Open day at guide dog training centre
  39. Safety falls in sight of service dogs
  40. Community raises money to give sick child service dog
  41. Indianapolis officials settle lawsuit over paprika-sniffing dog
  42. Canton Library Hosts Iraq Vet and His Assistance Dog
  43. UK / Labrador Alice finalist in Dogs Trust awards
  44. Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Dogs for the Deaf Takes On ...
  45. UK/ Dogsitters needed to look after guide dogs in Brighton and Hove
  46. UK / Apology after guide dog user thrown out of shop
  47. UK / Mitchell Farrar Group colleagues take the plunge for Guide Dogs ...
  48. UK / Open day at Redbridge Guide Dogs Training School in Woodford ...
  49. UK / School nominated for guide dog sponsorship
  50. AU/ un Melbourne: Muslims invited to share vision of independence