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  1. China/ Draft on animal regulations solicits debate
  2. UK / Guide dogs to fight the dark
  3. Special dog allows woman to have independence
  4. Pam's new best friend
  5. Dog makes "incredible" difference to MS sufferer
  6. Local Boy Scouts Raise Money For Diabetic Alert Dog
  7. Groton woman trains dogs to help returning veterans through ...
  8. Call for Camden volunteers to give guide dogs a loving home
  9. Burns commemorates Armed Forces Day with Hounds for Heroes
  10. Maui nonprofit trains service dogs to assist the disabled
  11. Area women raise, train dogs to assist people with disabilities
  12. In Brief | CamTran: No bus service on holiday
  13. Knights of Columbus helping Northfield girl get service dog
  14. Floral Street students welcome special guests
  15. Homefront Dogs help military veterans adjust after tough duty
  16. Denison ISD won't let service dogs dress up for graduation
  17. Martin Woman Receives Hearing Dog
  18. Gonzales Foundation supports Lions Club services for blind
  19. Local puppy training to be future guide dog
  20. Service dog makes a big difference in woman's life
  21. Service Dogs for Veterans
  22. Animal Support Helps to Provide Guide Dogs for the Disabled
  23. UK / Guide Dogs appeals for volunteer puppy walkers
  24. Changing a life
  25. Is it fate? Service dog links two wounded vets
  26. Aimee Copeland gets service dog, starts new chapter
  27. Florida man arrested...
  28. Carrboro police investigating death of service dog
  29. UK / Hartlepool Blind Welfare Association raise concerns with police and ...
  30. AU / Puppy love greatest in Bayview Heights
  31. Chico Woman and SD undergo rabies treatment
  32. Broward to sue no-pets condo after woman claims retaliation over ...
  33. Woman who accused Ocean Springs doctor of denying access to ...
  34. Service dog funding sought for local child
  35. Ninth Court enforces forum selection clause in case over sale of ...
  36. Animals, owners receive diplomas
  37. Pits for Patriots gives puppy love to veterans
  38. Disabled homeless man denied bed by CAPSLO
  39. Veterans adopt greyhound service dogs
  40. MAILBAG: Woman, service dog treated poorly in Portage
  41. Service dog helps child battling rare disease
  42. Book Club: Dogs help veterans heal
  43. Federal charges filed in "pink poodle" attack
  44. Owner surrenders Dutch the dog
  45. AU / Guide dog Max headed to Perth for cataract surgery
  46. UK / Hartlepool Mail reporter finds out first-hand the dangers that blind ...
  47. Charitable Giving From Head or Heart
  48. Giving help, getting help in the Midlands, June 28
  49. GDUI Calls for Service Animal Protection Law
  50. Chico woman and service dog undergo rabies treatment after