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  1. Community Helps Baby Get Service Dog
  2. Lily is changing lives one lick at a time
  3. MOVED: 8 year old found found dead after allowed to go off with a stranger in walmart
  4. Palmetto-trained guide dogs within sniffing distance of new facility
  5. OBIT / Disability rights activist Mr. Karner
  6. Diabetic alert dog a lifesaver for Lufkin teen
  7. Dream of diabetes dog within reach for local teen
  8. Myron Cope award going to Hillgrove
  9. Coming to Terms, Opening up about PTSD
  10. Miniature horse, an 11-year old boy's therapy animal, could be removed from...
  11. Pet owners, condo associations in dog fight
  12. North Texas vet cries foul after he and service dog kicked out of post ...
  13. History of Guide Dogs
  14. Special Dog Needed For Rare Allergy
  15. For teen with autism, success in the ring isn't measured in ribbons
  16. Seizure dogs a boon for people with epilepsy
  17. Support Dogs gala in Hillsborough Park
  18. LIU Post Alumna Christy Gardner '05 Featured in Daily News
  19. It's puppy love for Fudge
  20. Organization training dogs for people in wheelchairs - KCTV5
  21. Beauties & the Beast - Angie, Lily and Charlie
  22. Family seeking service dog for diabetic seven-year-old
  23. Four-legged friend steals the show
  24. Stressed-out SFU students use a puppy snuggle to take break from mid-term exams
  25. Guide dog instructors move to Blacktown
  26. Washington couple traveling to 48 states for Leader Dogs
  27. Dogs Trained To Detect Blood Sugar Levels
  28. Service Dog Owner Hoping for More Education After ShopKo Incident
  29. Book Review: The Possibility of Dogs
  30. PRESS RELEASE: NCD Calls for the Prosecution of Hate Crimes Against PWDs
  31. Pet shop celebrates 20th birthday
  32. 'Taxi drivers bound by law to carry guide dogs'
  33. Shakespeare Puppies heading for streets of Stratford
  34. MP experiences blind challenges on guide dog walk
  35. Go Walkies to aid guide dog charity
  36. Valrico hearing dog up for national hero award
  37. Dogs train to lend a helping paw to owners in need
  38. UK / Rescue dog helps young boy with cerebral palsy
  39. Student challenges classmates to raise pennies for puppies
  40. Paws-itive Impact. Guide Dogs of the Desert earns grant from La Jollan
  41. To pay for a pooch: Evergreen mom hopes garage sale will yield ...
  42. Sun Lakes' service-dog program breeds success
  43. Service Dogs Learn to Ride RTA Rapid
  44. Paws for Coffee
  45. Study shows dogs can respond to both types of brain seizure
  46. Service Dog Changes Life...Gives Independence
  47. Service Dog Eases South Fork Student's Mind
  48. Legally blind woman could lose seeing eye dog
  49. SSEWI's June 2013 Report
  50. Uk / TIBSHELF: Hearing dogs will help transform lives