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  1. Healing Paws
  2. Couple Completes Motorcycle Journey, Raises $30000 for Leader ...
  3. Six-year-old receives large donation to cover service dog costs
  4. Hang-Gliding Service Dog, Other Dogs Take To The Skies [Videos]
  5. Planet Dog's Million-Dollar-Plus Donation to Canines
  6. On duty service dogs guide owners
  7. NZ/ Editorial: Supportive wee things
  8. NZ/ Pampered pooches 'psychiatric service' for celebrity owners
  9. Planet Dog Foundation Passes $1 Million in Donations
  10. Bond between trainers, furry friends hard to break
  11. Learn about therapy and service dogs with Freedom and Cavan
  12. UK / Video: Celebrity travellers allowed dogs on flight as "psychiatric
  13. NZ/ Pooches promoted to cabin class
  14. Got puppies? Academy needs 'puppy-raisers'
  15. Service dogs for autistic children open outside world to children ...
  16. Service dog missing after struck by car
  17. Support Military Charities in the “GMC Sierra Hashtag Challenge”
  18. Dogs Are A Gift
  19. Disabled vet thanks publicly those who reunited him with his dog
  20. PTSD service dog fundraiser coming Sunday in Clarksville
  21. VIDEO: ETX disabled vet reunited with dog after car accident
  22. Colummn: Service dogs can't be turned away
  23. Psychiatric dogs help star couple in air
  24. Courtroom dogs ease difficult testimony
  25. North Tampa organization provides wounded vets with service dogs
  26. Week pays tribute to hard-working service dogs
  27. Great Dane puppy revived after birth
  28. Carrboro police investigating death of service dog
  29. Shelter Tails: Guide dog transforms blind woman's life
  30. Red Bluff training grounds for guide dog
  31. NZ/ Blind man and his dog refused lift
  32. UK / Urgent call for Scotland to follow UK's lead on micro-chipping of dogs
  33. UK/ Guide dog stalwart had a great sense of fun
  34. NZ/ One woman and her dog
  35. Councillor calls for new legislation after guide dog is attacked by ...
  36. UK / Our guide to pet-friendly holidays in the UK
  37. UK / Saltaire hairdresser skydive is fund boost for Baildon girl Ella Sparrow
  38. UK / Tips for hot dogs
  39. 11 year old lexi denied access to museum because of wheel chair!
  40. San Diego Airport Dog Bathroom Keeps Pets and Owners Happy
  41. 11 Year old Terry Smith found dead
  42. Service Dog's Vest Stolen from Marine's Truck
  43. Guide Dog Goes Missing In Dallas
  44. Students embrace Canine Partners for Life's..
  45. Alert dog saves young boy's life
  46. Retriever on alert to warn of seizures, provide comfort
  47. Parade of Ponds tour to benefit Leader Dogs charity
  48. Tuscaloosa family helped by new service dog
  49. Chelmsford group's dogs help veterans with PTSD
  50. Sudbury woman raises puppies to assist people with disabilities