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  1. Pet owners get phony 'service dog' status for perks
  2. New service dog will aid Ashland woman
  3. Fake service dog gear creates problems for Americans with disabilities
  4. Service Dogs
  5. Disabled veteran says her service dog
  6. Severely allergic 6-year-old girl who needs $20K service dog gets
  7. McGovern files bill to promote service dogs to returning veterans
  8. Missing dog from Michigan believed to be in the Summit City
  9. MOP asks columnist what you can ask about SDs
  10. Disabled Veteran Kicked off Boardwalk because of Service Dog
  11. Guide dog retires early
  12. Miniature Horses Achieve Service Animal Status
  13. Smartphone apps guide the blind through the world
  14. Veteran says church turned him away because of SD
  15. Podcast and Article about Assistance Dogs in the Workplace Project
  16. Service Dog Finds Working on Hill No Easy Task
  17. UK / Pamper night in aid of Guide Dogs
  18. Port Hope woman helps raise guide dogs
  19. UK / Leading way to charity
  20. A day in the life of a guide dog
  21. UK / MP and gold medallist team up for Guide Dogs pup campaign
  22. UK blind couple set to tie knot after their guide dogs fall in love
  23. UK / Dangerous dogs: Your experiences
  24. UK / Guide dog attacks on the rise as owners could face life
  25. O'Fallon family gets service dogs off to a good start
  26. UK / Joanna Jones vs. Easyjet: Taking Discrimination to New Heights
  27. Groups join together to train service dogs
  28. For Finley, there's no place like home
  29. Program Makes Service Dogs More Affordable
  30. Burned dog will become service dog to burn victims
  31. Program Pairs Service Dogs with Veterans Struggling with PTSD
  32. Heinz program in Pittsburgh highlights tales about good dogs
  33. Mt. Tabor Doggie Dash Preview 8K & 5K
  34. Service dogs help local veterans with PTSD
  35. Assistance Dog Week highlights workplace challenges for people .
  36. New Yorkers use bogus 'therapy dog' tags to take Fido everywhere
  37. Assistance Dog Week highlights workplace challenges for people ...
  38. San Diego airport has indoor pooch potty
  39. UPLOAD photos of your dog 'hard at work'
  40. Sale of Fake Service Dog Products Needs to Stop
  41. Tennessee law on service dogs in public accommodations is consistent with ADA, s
  42. Judge says 2 cities can maintain pit bull bans that accommodate ..
  43. Glynn County dog in the running for top service dog
  44. Service Dog Inspires Artist To Paint With His Wheelchair (VIDEO)
  45. Frankenmuth Rotary and FHS Boys' Varsity Tennis team up for ...
  46. Air Force veteran says goodbye to his service dog
  47. UK / Killer dogs' owners could face life in prison under new law proposal
  48. the difference between Autism and Aspergers *FOUND* :(
  49. Missing service dog reunited with owner
  50. Judge tosses 2 Colorado pit bull lawsuits/ service dog case