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  1. Dogs May Be A Best Friend For People with Diabetes
  2. UK / Orlando Cars refuses to allow blind woman in taxi in Bolton
  3. UK / Blind man thrown out of eye hospital because of guide dog
  4. Bible school students learn about seeing-eye dog program
  5. Courage abroad
  6. Come to ‘DoggiePawLooza’!
  7. Service Dogs Are Saving Lives
  8. Family Upset After Dog Removed From Eatery
  9. Dutch the dog / Trial begins in Montrose County for Army veteran
  10. Holy Names University bids farewell to its most popular member ..
  11. Service dogs help the handicapped
  12. Puppy/ Help sought for service dog's surgery bill
  13. CAN / Alberta hotel hires Marcus the dog
  14. Lobo, service dog for wounded San Jose veteran, found dead
  15. Since when is it OK to bring dogs to stores?
  16. Family angry after officer shoots service dog
  17. UK / Dogs 'warn diabetics' after smelling low blood sugar
  18. Meet Canada's first diabetic alert dogs
  19. New Fraud: People Passing Off Pets As Service Dogs
  20. UK study/ Dogs May Warn of Low Blood Sugar Levels
  21. UK / How a dog can save your life: Pets trained to detect diabetes in ...
  22. Bring only guide dogs please
  23. Broadway Cab, two drivers fined for refusing service to blind woman ...
  24. AU / Bill closes loop on discrimination against guide dogs
  25. UK / Blind customer and dog barred
  26. UK / It's amazing what dogs can do
  27. Arctic Benson Fenced Dog Park offers little-dog hours
  28. 'Dog Days of Summer' on exhibit at Kilgore
  29. Independence is a dog named Kouz
  31. Psych Ward May Have To Let Patients Bring Dogs
  32. Firefighters rescue two men, dog from Northwest Portland apartment ...
  33. Living with Parkinson's not easy — but guide dogs can help
  34. Local girl with epilepsy trying to get service dog
  35. A vet's best friend
  36. Retiring Dogs For The Deaf Leader Is 'amazing"
  37. Injured Soldier's Service Dog Lost in San Jose
  38. 'Despicable' Epidemic: People Using Fake Service Dogs
  39. Oooooooo la la poodle attending Bixby Middle School
  40. Dog Deaths Implicated in IAMS/Eukanuba Recall
  41. School district approves service dog for boy
  42. Canine support
  43. UK / Record breaking number of guide dogs help students this year
  44. China/ Should Guide Dog be Allowed to Use in China's Subway
  45. Service-dog frustration
  46. "men not attracte to curvy women are more likely to have a child with Autism
  47. From shelter dog to service dog
  48. ( puppy) Lynchburg dog has a nose for diabetes
  49. Tulsa Organization That Trains Service Dogs Being Evicted From .
  50. UK / Manchester's Unsung Heroes: Guide dog trainer Harry, 71, 'changes