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  1. Disabled veteran kicked out of Edgewater store over service dog
  2. UK / Guide dog attacked in Macclesfield Macclesfield
  3. Canadian veteran, service dog negotiate obstacles
  4. UK / 'Pit bull' attacks guide dog and owner in Halifax
  5. Local restaurant denies service to man with service dog
  6. The Jungle is often the only option for homeless families, pet owners
  7. Email letters, March 8, 2016 Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
  8. Fake Service Dog Bill Proposed in Colorado
  9. Veteran, service dog kicked out of local restaurant
  10. The Book Healing Companions- Lawsuit against author for plagiarism
  11. UK / Stevenage Guide Dog Owners Urge Restaurants Not To Flout The
  12. Russia / Activist released after charges of stealing dog from blind singer
  13. UK / Taxi driver cleared of refusing to allow guide dog in his cab
  14. Aggie students install wind chimes to help guide blind students to
  15. UK / Dog attacks on working guide dogs are on the rise, claims study
  16. New York State Senate passes bill to protect animals
  17. Stevenston school pupils learn about cycling near people with sight
  18. Woman looking for missing service dog that 'stole her heart'
  19. Disabled shoppers, stores concerned over loose service dog laws
  20. Service dogs facing more problems
  21. Neighbors explode over plan for service dog training facility
  22. CAN / PTSD service dog awareness goal of Edmonton meet-and-greet
  23. Why Some Dog Breeds Are Banned On Base Housing
  24. Proposed law would make ‘fake’ service dogs a crime in Colorado
  25. Woman Claims Fargo VA is not a service dog friendly facility
  26. When flying it's first class, economy class, no class
  27. NYS Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Combat Service Dog Fraud
  28. In interstate fight over service dog, Penn. charity asks court to force
  29. Stolen Guide Dog Highlights China's Poor Disability Access Record
  30. Local family experiences tragedy days after receiving service dog
  31. Wisconsin veteran with PTSD says employer is making life difficult
  32. Charges filed in alleged theft of service dog
  33. Landlord tells Tampa couple medical service dog is lease violation
  34. UK/Man arrested over Liverpool blind busker theft
  35. UK/ This blind woman was refused entry into a Cardiff supermarket .
  36. Service dog 'writes' blog with help of owners
  37. Omaha man claims he was kicked out of parent-teacher conference
  38. CAN / Service dogs under microscope as agencies consider funding
  39. Service dog taken from yard
  40. All Dogs Go to Heaven, But Can They Go to Work? JD Supra (press release)
  41. CAN/ Newfoundland Taxi Company Ordered To Pay For Refusing To
  42. Home Sought For Service Dog Left Orphaned After Owner's Traffic
  43. Landlords use loopholes to evict residents with medical service
  44. Service Dog for Man with MS Denied Entry into Bolingbrook Hospital
  45. Couple desperately searching for missing service dog
  46. CAN / Are guide dogs allowed on all public transit vehicles?
  47. Legislation to help veterans with PTSD passes House
  48. Montini: Why are lawmakers waging war on the disabled?
  49. MOVED: Service pet fraud could hurt the disabled while traveling
  50. Arizona / Proposed bill would change requirements for service animals