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  1. NZ / Dog-friendly policy on Auckland's Public Transport
  2. AU / Aunty Mary's story
  3. UK / Bakery apologises after refusing blind woman's guide dog
  4. Machinists' motorcycle Guide Dog Dash brings in $4000
  5. State-of-the-art guide dog vet center opens in Palmetto
  6. Driver hits a blind woman and guide dog, then takes off
  7. Our Lives: What you don't know about service dogs
  8. (Puppy) Diabetes-sniffing dog is a lifeline for Madison teen
  9. Book about service dog inspires
  10. Making ER Less Stressful fot Those on the Spectrum
  11. MOVED: Things Service Dogs in Public Should and Should Not Do
  12. Parents of Special Needs Kids: IEP Must Move With Child!
  13. last words of a girl who died of a peanut allergy "I'm sorry,"
  14. Group connects veterans with canine companions
  15. UK / Connor the caring canine
  16. Canine Remote Control, Using Your Smart Phone?
  17. CAN / Goderich dog-walk-a-thon raises money for dog guides Sept. 14
  18. UK / Guiseley vets staff up for Lake District challenge
  19. AU / Guide dog program targets Indigenous vision impaired
  20. UK / More than 3000 people enjoy fun day at guide dog training school
  21. UK / Blind Stags fan set to walk to derby match
  22. Locals team up to give service dog to veteran with PTSD
  23. Rave: Final donations sought for woman's assist dog
  24. UK / Ammanford baker signs up for Cardiff half marathon
  25. AU / Thank you for your support
  26. Veterinarians concerned about phony service dogs
  27. Costa Rica/ Service dogs welcomed in most Costa Rican restaurants
  28. Honesty necessary
  29. SA/ Celebrating SA's canine heroes
  30. Hingham selectmen consider policy re: animals and bikes
  31. More diabetics buying dogs that sniff out low blood sugar
  32. Dalmation/ SERVICE DOG IN TRAINING: Ruby's lifesaving diabetic alert dog on
  33. UK / Dedicated guide dog volunteer
  34. Dog saves child from hypoglycaemic attack
  35. Guide dog leads visually impaired Homer man safely through the .
  36. Local service dog to be featured on Hallmark Channel for annual ..
  37. Fake service dogs a disturbing trend
  38. Robin Ganzert Advocates Drug-Free PTSD Treatment Method
  39. (puppy) Chandler boy, family meets medical-alert dog
  40. Korea / More than eyes to the blind
  41. (puppy) Bly family receives diabetic service dog
  42. Retired guide dog celebrates birthday
  43. UK / Visually impaired islanders shocked at pub refusal
  44. Dogs that sniff out low blood sugar in diabetics gain in popularity
  45. Tiny service dog named Milwaukee draws attention at Harley 110th
  46. Service dog support tour stops in Scugog
  47. Police: Oxford restaurant owner kicks out war vet, service dog
  48. Paws for Therapy: Thule Helps Autistic Children Focus, Behave in ...
  49. Dogs Helping Veterans Suffering with PTSD
  50. BRIAN J. LOWNEY: Guide dog gives 'eyes' and companionship to ..