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  1. 'Thunder Dog' author shares his 9/11 story
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  7. Searching for Bella: Dog missing that helped boy with seizures
  8. Flag pooch a certified guide dog
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  10. Service dog denied entry into Cumberland County Food Lion
  11. UK / Taxi refuses to pick up woman with guide dog
  12. AU / STAY: The Last Dog in Antarctica
  13. Church hosts 11th annual car show to help family in need
  14. Program gears special dogs to be guide canines
  15. Dog's sharp sense of smell helps predict medical emergencies
  16. Death of Puppy at Service Dog Training Facility May Be Linked to .
  17. Help labrador puppy Utah transform a life
  18. Man And Dog Rescued From Drainage Culvert In Colorado Flood
  19. This Fall's Hottest Accessory: Fake Service Dogs?
  20. Man hopes to raise awareness about service dog -
  21. Pet Talk: Diabetic alert service dogs can add years to 9-year-old's life
  22. UK / Shock as guide dog and owner told to leave cafe
  23. Yes, there now are fake service dogs
  24. Visually-impaired educator helps guide New Caney students
  25. Wounded Warrior Service Dog Missing, Worksharing Enterprise ..
  26. Dog Graduates as a Guide Dog
  27. More Dogs Posing as Service Animals
  28. Use of fake service dog tags on the rise
  29. Four-Legged Impostors Give Service Dog Owners Pause
  30. Poisoned guide dog on the mend
  31. Diabetic girl, 11, barred from taking service dog to school
  32. Guide dog for the blind dog: Caring terrier acts as eyes for labrador
  33. Dogs become new treatment for a war that never ends
  34. Gun Permits for the Blind
  35. Guide dog group needs support to stay on track: Milford Moose to .
  36. Blind Sunderland fan meets players on UK-wide tour
  37. A Hollywood studio where dogs learn to fly
  38. Four-Legged Impostors Give Service Dog Owners Pause
  39. AU/ Jail threat for offenders who attack guide dogs or police animals
  40. AU / Vision-impaired get the ticket to freedom on Coast buses
  41. Service animal scams now “epidemic … across the country”
  42. Springfield man says he was denied service because of his service ...
  43. Kirby: Is service dog real? Check its ID
  44. Service Dog In Training and Handler Detained by Southwest Airlines.
  45. Service dog killed in Tarzana hit-run crash
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  47. UK / Pet tales: Yusef, trainee guide dog
  48. Singapore/ Häagen-Dazs apologises to visually-impaired woman
  49. (puppy) Diabetes-sniffing dog is a lifeline for Madison teen
  50. Dogs help stressed US military veterans cope with civilian life