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  1. Family fundraises for service dog for little girl
  2. NE Tennessee woman seeks service dog for autistic and deaf son
  3. animal-rights activists are starting a drive to bar guide dogs
  4. Employers' wariness thwarts many blind jobseekers
  5. AU/Guide dog snub: Blind man booted
  6. UK / Subway in The Parade, Watford, told partially-sighted woman guide ...
  7. Michigan veterinarian believes canine mystery illness is zoonotic
  8. Service Dog Takes to Acting
  9. Best Friends Animal Society innovative program saves shelter dogs ...
  10. Can My Evil Landlord Evict Fido and Fluffy?
  11. MOVED: HOA to Pay $65K
  12. Dog Heroes Help People With Dementia Live Better Lives
  13. Heartland Service Dogs: Lab gives 19-year-old independence
  14. Doggie deception: Oklahomans breaking law made to help ...
  15. Community remembers beloved guide dog
  16. SSI + SSDI Raise
  17. Puppy/ Bakersfield woman uses service dog to help meter blood sugar levels
  18. Nonprofit reaches out to bombing victims with an offer of service dogs
  19. NEADS dog primer
  20. Disabled Iraq war vet and his service dog pass a test, together
  21. UK/ Blind man claims he is forced into housing in Stoke Newington ...
  22. Disabled SF man searching for service dog
  23. Service dog helps veteran reintegrate into day-to-day life
  24. ANN ARBOR: Service dogs visit UM campus
  25. Program offers an inside look at service dogs
  26. UK / Killer dog owners face 14 years in jail under Government crackdown ...
  27. Channel 11 investigation exposes service dog scheme
  28. CAN/ Not the top dog
  29. NZ/ Wendy's Hamilton turfs out man with hearing dog
  30. AU / A dog's effect on kids with autism gives paws for thought
  31. Blind man denied bus ride with service dog
  32. Local hero dog on TV Wednesday
  33. Gibson, retire. Good boy!
  34. Guide Dog Leads Way to Give Back
  35. Apartments to pay $167K over service dog complaint
  36. Man Says He Was Asked To Get Off HEAT Bus Because of Service ...
  37. Businesses Prep for New Service Dog Regulations
  38. Midland woman's SD bites someone in Petsmart
  39. 'Diabetes dog' easing life for young Kansas girl
  40. 4 paws on local news
  41. CNY agency takes guide dog from Ohio man not considered blind ...
  42. Enid Family Uses Diabetic Alert Dog To Monitor Young Daughter
  43. Tuesday, October 29, 2013: Service dogs, political hostility and Bar ..
  44. UK/ Muslim taxi driver refused to give disabled woman's dog lift during ...
  45. NZ/ Photo recall: Damp welcome for puppy in training
  46. Puppy / A dog that detects symptoms of diabetes
  47. AU/ Melbourne restaurant apologises to blind man after refusing entry
  48. AU / Legal loophole barring guide dogs from buildings amended
  49. Raising funds for son's service dog
  50. Imposter Service Dogs a Growing Problem in NJ [AUDIO]